Domestic Violence Is a Pandemic Within a Pandemic. Direct Stimulus Checks Would Help

When I was 7 years old, my mom woke my sister and me in the middle of the night and told us to pack our belongings into the black garbage bags she handed to us. “And be as quiet as you can,” she told us. We were leaving our abusive stepfather for the first of what would become many times. That night, we drove 200 miles to a close family friend who had offered us her living room couch as a safe space to regroup.

Four years later, the same stepfather left us. After beating our mom, he abandoned us in a home with rent we couldn’t afford without him. It was winter, and our heating bills skyrocketed. Free lunch at school was the primary nourishment for my sister and I during those cold months.

Over the past months, I have imagined what these two crisis moments for our family

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London Bay Homes’ Carmela model sells in Mediterra

Inspiring its new homeowner with fresh architectural style, a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces, and stunning interiors, London Bay Homes’ lake-view Carmela model sold this month in Mediterra’s Caminetto neighborhood.

The livability of the Carmela home design, which offers three bathrooms, three full baths and two half-baths in 3,836 air-conditioned square feet, was elevated by a masterful blend of textures and finishes conceived by Romanza Interior Design.

The sophisticated Carmela home design features a gallery space that segues into the light-filled great room showcasing views of the custom pool and spa. A master vestibule and hallway create an elegant transition to a truly private owner’s retreat that offers dual walk-in closets, a bath with a graceful freestanding tub, and access to the pool area. Two guest suites provide comfortable accommodations for visiting family and friends. The outdoor living area features ample room for dining and lounging,

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Top 3 Weird Stuff People are Flushing Down the Toilet

If you’re a new homeowner in Sydney with a plumbing problem or you’ve had the house for years already, having plumbers perform a plumbing inspection at home for the first time isn’t something that most homeowners are ready for. A plumbing inspection will have professional plumbers looking around the house for plumbing problems.

Since houses are very personal places, most people are not comfortable or not ready for the things that may happen during a plumbing inspection. That is why it is important to be prepared for what to expect during a plumbing inspection at home.

Why is a home plumbing inspection necessary?

Most homeowners call for professional plumbers when they find leaks or something’s broken with the property’s plumbing system. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason that a plumbing inspection is necessary because it should be a regular procedure.

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Mountain Modern Home Design Trend Spotlights JLF Architects for Bringing Contemporary Style to Rustic and Reclaimed Materials

Incorporating a soothing water feature, this JLF Architects-designed Mountain Modern legacy home combines industrial steel and glass with rustic timber and stone craftsmanship (photo by Audrey Hall).

We believe that the most sustainable thing we can do as architects and builders is to construct houses that last a century or more.

With its wide open spaces and restorative connection to nature, the Rocky Mountain West’s appeal is growing with city dwellers interested in staking their claim on the stunning landscape in what one Aspen realtor has called “the great urban exodus.” That influx of interest has turned national design attention to a style known as Mountain Modern – and to top practitioners JLF Architects. While the Bozeman, Montana-based firm resists being pigeon-holed, JLF is an acknowledged pioneer – with over 40 years of experience – of the art

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