Small house versus a big house: Which is better?

Are big homes better than small homes? Here's how to choose the  perfect-sized house

You can look at the size of a house from so many angles such as its vertical length or the area it covers on the ground. You can also look at the size of a house from an economical viewpoint. As an example, a flat which has three bedrooms will be considered bigger than one which has just two even if both houses are of the same square meters. You can determine the size of a house in light of your budget for it.

Most people are undecided about whether they should build a big house or a small one. In this article, a big house will refer to a building that exceeds 250 square meters and a small house will refer to anything less than that. However, you should know whether a house is big or small, the number of rooms it has is determined by the builder. No … Read More