Zillow’s 2021 design predictions grow out of pandemic trends seen in Philly and nationally

Spending so much time at home in 2020 has forced us to rethink how we use our space and to invest in things we never knew we needed: a roof deck, a home gym, an outdoor heater, no-touch appliances. Even with the promise of the COVID-19 vaccines, 2021 will challenge us to decide which lifestyle and design changes to keep and which to abandon.

Here are Zillow’s predictions on amenities likely to add comfort — and possibly extra value — to your home in the coming year. Many reflect trends seen this year around Philadelphia.

Employer decisions on the future of remote work could trigger home design and location choices in 2021. A desire for a home with a dedicated office tops the list of reasons Americans working from home (even occasionally) would consider a move, a Zillow survey found.

Workers around Philadelphia this year adapted

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