This Tidy Pantry’s Organization System Will Inspire You to Declutter

Anita Yokota Pantry Detail Shot

Anita Yokota Pantry Detail Shot

Anita Yokota

Keeping a well-maintained storage space can be quite challenging. Because most of these spaces (closets, pantries, cabinets) tend to be concealed, it’s easy to neglect them, turning what was once a mildly messy area into a barely contained disaster zone. One area in the home that is particularly prone to this type of disarray is the pantry. With all of the provisions, utensils, canned goods, appliances, and other miscellaneous items that occupy this space, we recommend an occasional pantry purge to keep things under control. But even after it’s all shiny and free of expired foods and other things you should’ve thrown away a long time ago (no judgment here), it’s still important to implement some sort of organization system so you don’t find yourself facing the same clutter conundrum.

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