A homebound year has meant rethinking our rooms, belongings

In normal times, new trends in home design and home decorating bubble up simply because it’s time for something different. A few years of bold color and homeowners start painting things gray. After enough minimalism, a hunger for plaids and florals comes roaring back.

But this time last year, a cultural experiment began that changed our relationships with houses and condos and apartments around the world.

Suddenly, constantly, we were inside them.

So much of public life – work, school, exercise, shopping, dining and (virtually) socializing – began happening entirely within the walls of home, at least for those able to do so.

Architects and interior designers say that after 12 months of varying degrees of lockdown, people are discovering what does and doesn’t work in their homes, and becoming more confident about acting on it. They’re realizing how familiar spaces can serve them better.

“Out of frustration comes brilliant

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Bath Bombs: Are they Bad For Your Drains?

Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Tub? - Ace Solves It All | www.acesolvesitall.com

In the world that we are in, stress is just around the corner. We are all faced with heavy workloads, busy schedules, and deadlines. Many people have different ways to relax, and one of them is staying at home with a good bubble bath using bath bombs.

Bath bombs are known to have sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These ingredients are known to give a relaxing sensation, and it also gives you healthy skin. However, bath bombs are known to have negative effects on the drainage system. If you have clogged drains due to your bath bombs, you might need the help of a drain plumber in Canberra.

Thinking of having your next fizzy bubble bath? Think twice because here are the top reasons why bath bombs are considered to be bad for your drains.

1.Bath Bomb Ingredients

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6 Telltale Signs You Should Call Your Plumber

6 Signs You Need to Go Ahead and Call a Dayton Plumber by Albert Services

Professional plumbers can make life easier for you when facing plumbing issues. They are equipped and  trained in resolving minor and major plumbing issues that you may encounter at home. Ideally, it would be best to have your plumbing system checked once every two years, or once for areas with drastic temperature changes. However, there are times that you will require the services of a plumber Bexley expert in your homes and properties. To address repairs, check your pipes or for possible gas leaks, you should always call for help from a reliable professional plumber.

Here are the top telltale signs that indicate that you are in need of professional plumbing help.

DIY solution failed to work

If you are trying to resolve a small plumbing issue but fail to resolve the problem on your own, it is necessary to seek help from a professional plumber. There are times that … Read More