Designer Imagines Spiraling Glass Home That Overlooks Rice Paddies

Adriano Design's House on the Rice Paddy

This contemporary home concept, designed by Adriano Design and visualized by Truetopia, provides dramatic views of the surrounding rice paddy fields from far above the landscape. Fittingly title House on the Rice Paddy, this conceptual design imagines a mostly transparent home that frames views of the rice paddy fields and lagoons of Xianggong, China.

The design studio explains that their project was highly motivated by new advancements in vertical circulation, specifically elevators. “Until now the main limit was the system of overcoming altitude through staircases, which has always represented a significant barrier in architecture,” says Adriano Design. “A new generation of elevators could be the solution that opens up semi-explored opportunities for architects.”

Exterior View of Adriano Design's House on the Rice Paddy

To help imagine what a new generation in home elevators might look like, the elevator in this house design includes large laminated panels combined with bamboo cladding. This combination serves to preserve the views of

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