18 Homes to Rent by Famous Architects

I’ll say it: Vacationing is rad, but exhausting. I’d rather hole up at a one-of-a-kind house with my favorite (vaccinated) friends, whose faces I haven’t squished in far too long, than schlep around hotels. Don’t get me wrong—definitely excited to traipse the best kitschy roadside motels—but given the touch-and-go nature of COVID-19 travel guidelines, it also feels a little safer to lay low and live high in a house with more personality than I could ever hope to have. 

That’s where the home rental genies at Airbnb, Plum Guide (aka Airbnb’s highly aesthetic new competitor), and Vrbo come in with some heavy-hitter houses. We’re talking mid-century California estates worthy of Slim Aaron’s camera, and Brutalist masterpieces by Ricardo Bofill; upstate New York retreats that deserve their own Bond movie, and houses that could sub for Dakota Johnson’s legendary Architectural Digest home video tour

From Texas to

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