For Designer Rydhima Brar, Home Is a Place to Teach Her Daughter About Her Heritage

Rydhima Brar is a Los Angeles-based interior designer and founder of R/terior Studio. Here, she describes how a childhood influenced by different cultures impacts her design today—and how she incorporates this influence into her young daughter’s life.

By most people’s standards, my childhood was highly unorthodox. Born in Kuwait to Indian parents, I spent my early years immersed in the Arab and Indian cultures of the East, combined with certain comforts and luxuries of the West. My sharpest memories are of lush fabrics, rich colors and scents, heirloom furniture, a vibrant family life, and the deep heritage preserved in centuries-old architecture.

Then, the Gulf War started.

My entire world shifted as we fled to India overnight. We stayed there for 3 whole years, waiting. When we finally returned to Kuwait, which we had always called home, I learned firsthand how to rebuild a life. The next time my story took

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