Builder in Immokalee brings hope to new generation with designed homes

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – A young builder in Immokalee is hoping to make a difference in the community with beautifully designed homes. 

Allan Garcia, 25, said the homes are similar to ones you’re used to seeing in places like Naples or Cape Coral. His hope is to make the community proud, keep people there and bring new people to the area. 

“We’re changing Immokalee one house at a time,” Garcia said. “Housing is a big need here.” 

Completing these homes could take months.  

“Immokalee is beautiful, what it has to offer is limitless when you look at it from a different lens,” Garcia said. 

The one Garcia sees Immokalee through, is one of constant opportunity. Garcia and his father now own a contracting company called A&R of Southwest Florida building homes. 

“When we sell our homes it’s an accomplishment more, not only for me but for our community,” Garcia said. 

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