Creating a home design that will provide joy throughout the holidays

Imagine preparing your home —  just once! — in a way that will welcome guests and delight family from the feasts of November through the celebrations of the New Year. 

While you may choose to make a few tweaks for specific celebrations, this base design will establish an inspiring, festive setting that reflects your interests, heritage and style.

“There’s a certain idea of what ‘holiday decor’ is supposed to look like,” says Sunyoung “Sunny” Hong, owner of Portmanteau Home, a North Seattle studio that specializes in multicultural home design. “My approach is about making it meaningful and personal. Bright and festive, yes, but breaking that homogeneity that we see in all the magazines.”

For some, Hong’s approach might lead to a new purchase for the holiday season. It can send others diving into the attic or storage unit for family treasures (silver, miniatures, train sets) that they haven’t seen

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