The mere thought of a home makeover can immediately feel intimidating (and pretty overwhelming). However, it turns out that updating your home doesn’t always have to be a large and expensive task. Thanks to all of the cheap things on Amazon that make an impact around the house, you can alter your home’s aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Simple changes like new lighting or curtains will give your space a brand new feeling with little to no effort at all. To make your quest a bit easier, I’ve put together a list of products that’ll help you spruce things up in a flash — and there’s pretty much something here for every room in your home.

Seriously: There are shower heads with built-in LED lights and magnetic toothbrush holders for your bathroom. And I can’t forget about the satin sheets, throw pillow covers, and bedside organizers for your sleeping area, as well as can good organizers, paper towel holders, and sink strainer baskets for your kitchen. I’ve even got the laundry room covered with dryer vent cleaners and sets of hangers to keep clothes neat and organized after laundering.

Whether you’re looking to do a little or a lot, you can definitely consider this list a one-stop-shop for a quick and easy overhaul. Keep scrolling to learn more about some of the best affordable items to make a big impact on your home.

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A Hanging Trash Can That Makes Cleanup Easy

Place this hanging trash can on your cabinet door for a convenient and space-saving way to discard food remnants and garbage. The sealed lid keeps contents secure while preventing odors from escaping. This product can also be wall-mounted via an adhesive.


This Set Of Remote Control Holders That Mount Onto Your Wall

These wall-mounted remote control holders provide a safe space to keep your remotes so you’re never stuck searching for them. They also help prevent them from getting lost — and they’re durable, sturdy, and come with a strong self-adhesive backing that allows you to install them without tools.


The Lamp That Also Charges & Stores Your Electronic Devices

Get the benefit of extra lighting along with an easy way to charge your electronic devices with this lamp and charging station combo. It features a sleek wooden base that’ll look great in any room or office and offers three USB charging ports that charge quickly. There are also three slots where your devices can rest as they power up.


A Coffee Pod Organizer That Saves Counter Space

This coffee pod organizer offers a sleek space-saving design. It holds up to 36 pods at a time and comes with a sliding drawer that gives you easy access when needed. Place it under your coffee machine to keep things neat and organized.


These Magnetic Spice Jars That Attach To Your Fridge

These spice and condiment containers contain strong magnets that allow you to place them on the refrigerator or other appliances for easy access. They come with tightly sealed lids to prevent spilling and feature clear lids so you can easily view each container’s contents. Simple to use and clean, this set of a dozen tins are lightweight and durable.


A Set Of Magnetic Key Holders That Stick To Any Wall

Install these magnetic key holders on any wall for a space-saving and convenient way to store your keys. Each comes with six hangers that can hold four pounds each. The peel-and-stick design adheres to any surface quickly and easily for simple placement.


These Motion Sensor Night Lights That Glow When You’re Around

Place these motion-sensing night lights in any room to illuminate your path when you walk by. They’re battery-operated and easy to install with the included adhesive stickers or built-in magnet. Each light in this three-pack powers on when it detects motion within 10 feet and automatically shuts off after 15 seconds of non-motion.


This Self-Watering Planter That Offers Hydration When You’re Not Home

Use this self-watering planter to maintain your plant’s health. It measures 7 inches and features a nested pot that rests inside to lift your plants away from the wate
r to help prevent rotting. Use it when you’re away from home or just to give yourself a break from constant watering.


These Rug Grippers That Stop Rugs From Curling & Slipping Around

These grips prevent rugs from slipping and moving around. Each features tiny suction pores that provide an adhesive effect to keep the corners of the rug in place. The set comes with four grippers that can be glued to each corner of your rug.


A Set Of Smart Plugs That Help Control Your Home’s Lights & Appliances

Activate these smart plugs to gain full control of your home’s electronic devices. They can operate via voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but can also be used in conjunction with the Kasa app when you’re away from home. There’s also a scheduling and timing features that allow them to automatically turn items — such as lamps and fans — on and off at your desired settings.


A Tufted Velvet Ottoman With Lots Of Storage Space

This tufted ottoman not only looks good but also serves as a great storage space for books, blankets, shoes, and other items. It features velvet upholstery that’s soft and luxurious and is foldable for easy storage when not in use. Choose from a handful of beautiful jewel-toned colors.


These Mug Holders That Slide Underneath Your Cabinets

Place these adhesive cup holders under your cabinet for space-saving storage when it comes to mugs and other glasses with handles. This set offers three holders with six hooks each, and each piece features self-adhesive. However, they can also be installed with the included screws.


A Set Of Mirror Tiles That You Can Customize

Customize and create your very own mirror pattern with these frameless mirrors. They’re made of high-quality glass and allow you to freely display them in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or dining room as needed. Each set offers four square mirrors and durable double-sided foam tape for easy installation.


A Hanging Laundry Bag That Connects To Your Door

This hanging laundry bag makes for a space-saving and convenient laundry collection. It features two durable door hooks and strong material that allows you to hang it in your bathroom or bedroom with ease. And on laundry day, you can just unhook it and take your clothes to the wash.


The Bluetooth Soundbar That Enhances The Quality Of Your TV’s Sound

This compact soundbar helps you turn your home into a theater. It features a slim design and easily connects to your TV, laptop, phone, or other devices via Bluetooth connection. There’s also a remote for easy operation.


This Over-The-Sink Dish-Drying Rack Eliminates Counter Clutter

This over-sink rack gives you more space to wash and dry dishes and prepare food. Made of durable stainless steel, this drying rack also features anti-slip grips to help prevent sliding. It’s heat-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s even an extra-wide slot that holds utensils, pot lids, and dishcloths for your convenience.


This Dual Toilet Paper Holder & Shelf Combo

What home wouldn’t benefit from this double toilet paper roll holder and shelf combo? The unit holds and dispenses a backup toilet roll and features a shelf with a ledge that helps prevent your phone from falling off. Made of matte stainless steel, this design is waterproof, rustproof, and resistant to corrosion.


A Magnetic Whiteboard That Lets You Organize Your Weekly Meals

Meal prep is so much easier when you have a list of ingredients right in front of you — and this magnetic whiteboard makes that possible. It sticks right onto your fridge and gives you a place to jot down groceries and meals that you plan on making for every day of the week. It also comes with eight dry-erase markers in different colors.


The Toothbrush & Magnetic Holder With A Modern Look

This manual toothbrush and magnetic holder offer a modern update to the traditional toothbrush. Offered in a sleek black hue, it features an ergonomic handle, two brush heads, and a magnetic holder that can be mounted for easy access.


A Filtering Shower Head That Glows In Different Colors

You’re going to love the amazing water softening properties of this invigorating shower head. The filtration system helps restore and nourish your skin and hair while improving shower pressure. This device is easy to install without tools and is ready to use in minutes straight out of the package.


The Pet Paw Cleaner That Keeps Your Floors Free Of Dirt & Mud

This paw cleaner makes pet cleanup easier than ever before. Simply add water and insert your dog’s muddy paw, twist, and you’re done. Sized for large and extra-large sized dogs, it features large silicone bristles that help remove dirt and mud on contact.


These Fragrance Beads That Help Freshen Any Room

These fragrance beads help freshen and eliminate unwanted odor in homes, offices, cars, and more. Made in the scent of cinnamon and other baking spices, this fragrance features a vented lid that releases and circulates the scent in any space where it’s placed. And if you’d rather smell something different, there are over 20 scents to choose from.


A Pair Of Insulated Blackout Curtains

Use these insulated blackout curtains to darken any room while also reducing the occurrence of drafts, noise, and UV light. Each set includes two high-quality panels with six top grommets. Choose from a variety of brilliant colors.


The Furniture Support Tool That Repairs Sagging Cushions

You can lift, restore, and reinforce the base of your sofa with this furniture support insert. Slip it under any seat cushion to reinstate and maintain firmness. Made of a heavy-duty wood board, this unit is durable enough to provide sturdy support.


An Anti-Fatigue Mat That Reduces Stress On The Feet & Back

Reduce stress on your feet, back, and legs with this anti-fatigue mat. Great for use in the kitchen or other workspace, it features a foam layer that comforts and contours to fit and cradle your feet. The nonslip base helps keep it in place, and it’s easy to clean as needed


This 4-Piece Satin Sheet Set For Less Than $30 (Seriously)

Satin sheets are useful when it comes to softening your hair and keeping your skin moisturized. This set in particular comes with a flat sheet, a deep-pocket fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. It easily launders in the washing machine and is fade- and wrinkle-resistant. Choose from a large offering of colors.


The Bedside Organizer That Holds Everything You Need

Keep everything you need right by your side with this bedside organizer. It features multiple pockets to hold glasses, snacks, cell phones, remotes, books, and more. Made of durable canvas material, you simply place it between your mattress and bed frame and it’s ready to use.


A Desk Pad That Protects Furniture While Providing Beautiful Color

This dual-sided desk pad is made of durable PU material that’s easy to clean and use. Set it on your desk to protect furniture, add
color, and organize. It offers a different color on each side and is large enough to accommodate your computers, books, lamps, and more. Select your favorite of a large variety of color combinations.


This Paper Towel Holder & Shelf Combination That Looks Great In Any Kitchen

Great for the kitchen, this paper towel holder features a shelf where you can place additional items as needed. It’s made of durable aluminum and is strong as well as resistant to rust and corrosion. It installs with the included screws and will look amazing with any existing kitchen decor.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With A Gorgeous Wood-Grain Finish

You’re going to love the output and portable design of this essential oil diffuser. Despite its compact size, it produces a powerful mist that fills a room without causing major noise. The one-button operation is easy to use, allowing you to switch between four functions and providing auto-shutoff when the water runs out.


An Ant Bait Station That Helps Prevent Infestation

Eliminate an ant infestation with ease using these ant bait stations. They come pre-filled and ready to use, attracting bugs and trapping them so they’re unable to take over your home. Simply place them where you see ants the most and allow them to do the work.


These Velvet Pillow Covers That’ll Quickly Upgrade Any Living Space

Use these pillow covers to revamp your living room or bedroom decor. Made of premium velvet, they’re soft, cozy, and feature an invisible zipper that securely holds the inner pillow in place. This style is available in a variety of colors that allow you to mix and match as desired.


This Stackable Can Rack That Keeps Cans & Jars Organized

This can rack stores 36 cans or jars, keeping them organized without creating a mess. It assembles in minutes without the use of hardware or tools and can be stacked with additional racks for more storage. The white design pairs well with any decor and easily fit into any home.


An Ultra-Thin Socket Cover That Hides Unsightly Cords

Hide unsightly cords and outlets with this sleek socket cover. The ultra-thin design helps to reduce clutter and messy wires while allowing you full use of your home’s outlets. It easily attaches to an outlet and includes a cord management kit that secures cords against the wall.


These Battery-Operated Fairy Lights That’ll Illuminate Your Home

Place these fairy lights anywhere in your home to create a warmly lit ambiance. They feature 50 LED lights on a delicate copper wire that’s easy to fold for a dainty and sparkling look. The string is battery-operated for convenience and easy to hang wherever desired.


The Dryer Vent Cleaner That Removes Lint With Ease

Remove trapped lint and dust in your dryer gap and vents with this easy-to-use dusting brush. It’s made of flexible stainless steel with durable brushes, and it’s long enough to reach difficult spaces. It can also be used to clean under sofas and other small areas.


A Set Of Bamboo Charcoal Bags That Naturally Eliminate Unwanted Odor

These bamboo charcoal bags absorb unwanted odors anywhere in your home within minutes. Packaged in small linen bags, these charcoal pouches are great for the home, car, or office and feature hooks that allow you to easily hang them wherever needed.


The Volcano Microwave Cleaner That Cuts Cleaning Time In Half

Keep your microwave in tip-top shape with this cleaning volcano tool. Place it into your microwave using only vinegar and wat
er for seven minutes to steam-clean and loosen hardened food without using harmful chemicals. Simply wipe with a cloth after to remove debris and you’re done.


These Strong, Colorful Hangers With Nonslip Padding

This pack of 30 hangers are strong enough for all of your clothing storage needs. Made of high-grade plastic, the thin design features nonslip materials that help prevent items from falling off after hanging. And since they’re different colors, you can color-code your closet.


The Strainer Basket That Sits In The Corner Of Your Sink

Eliminate mess and debris in your sink with this easy-to-use sink strainer. The mesh design sits in the corner of your sink for the convenient disposal of food remnants, preventing them from entering and clogging your drain. There are 50 filter bags included, but you can buy more if you need to.


A Set Of Versatile Storage Hooks With Adhesive Backings

These self-adhesive hooks are great for any bedroom or bathroom. They feature strong adhesive backings and have multiple space-saving hooks that rotate 180 degrees to hang towels, scarves, keys, jackets, and more. Each hook in this four-pack can hold up to 4 pounds at a time.


This Wi-Fi Range Extender That Improves Connection Throughout Your Home

Extend coverage throughout your home with this Wi-Fi-expanding device. It adds a range of up to 1,000 square feet and works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem. Plug it into any outlet to connect up to 15 devices such as laptops, smartphones, and more.


The Genius Solution For Organizing Container Lids

Lid storage, especially for containers of varying sizes, is a commonly mismanaged place in many houses. But people who love a neat kitchen swear by this lid organizer that keeps all your food container lids neatly in place. It’s earned a cult following of more than 16,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. The organizer has five adjustable dividers to hold round and square lids, up to 9-inches. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and comes in four other sizes and configurations: small, medium, large, and large with tall dividers.