5 tips to buying shoes online so they always fit


This is especially so once they arrive and you’re hoping to possess a “Cinderella” moment, but find yourself having a “wicked stepsister” moment instead, trying to jam your foot into an ill-fitting pair of heels or sneakers.

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While shopping online for shoes is great – you’ve got access to countless brands that don’t have a physical retail space in Singapore – the downside, however, is it are often difficult to seek out shoes that match the photographs and outline , is comfortable to wear and therefore the correct size for your feet.

As such, here are eight tips in touch in mind once you buy your next pair of footwear online so you don’t find yourself wasting money.

1. Shop on sites that allow you to concentrate on images

One of the most important challenges of shopping for shoes online is that it are often hard to urge an accurate sense of the standard and finish of the shoe.

Shop with retailers or sellers that have clear images of the merchandise from multiple angles.

You want to be ready to concentrate to urge a far better idea of the color and texture of the materials used, to not mention how fine the finishing is.

2. search for images of the shoe worn by models

Often, it helps to ascertain the shoe worn by a model. this is often especially so when you’re trying a replacement style.

For instance, on a model’s feet, you’ll be ready to see what proportion toe cleavage a pair of heels reveals, or if the location of the ankle straps visually elongate or shorten the legs.

If the pictures you desire aren’t available and therefore the shoes are from a serious brand, try trying to find photos of them elsewhere.

Different online retailers have alternative ways of presenting their product and you’ll be ready to find a spread of images photographed with different lighting or styling.

3. Start by measuring your feet

Place your feet flat on white book one at a time and trace its outline with a pencil.

Measure the length from the tip of the large toe to the heel. most of the people have feet of various sizes so do take the measurements for each side .

With this, you’ll determine your shoe size for various brands by pertaining to conversion charts.

4. Consult individual brand sizing and conversion charts

Sizing is usually inconsistent across brands, sometimes even within an equivalent brand.

Shopping sites that stock a many various brands may offer one size and conversation chart as a guide but you ought to note that this is often often just that — a guide which will rather be inaccurate.

If the brand that you simply have an interest in buying has its own website, consult that size and conversion chart instead.

5. Buy brands that you simply have tried before

PHOTO: Pexels

When unsure , stick with buying brands that you simply have worn before.

That way, you’ve got a far better grasp of which size to urge and the way the shoes would fit on your feet.

6. Start with a comparatively cheap pair

If it’s the primary time you’re buying from a specific website or brand, start with a test order, and confirm it’s not something that’s an excessive amount of of a splurge.

Once you’ve established that the sizing and fit of the brand work for you, plow ahead to buy till you drop.

7. confirm you’re comfortable with the return and exchange policies

Read the return and exchange policy carefully before making any purchases.

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