5 Types Of Guttering To Consider For Your Home » Residence Style

ByRichard J. Robinson

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Several things should matter when choosing gutters for your home. For instance, note your home’s style and the gutter installation. Failing to match the gutters with your home design will negatively affect its aesthetic and curb appeal, lowering its value. Conversely, try matching your home’s design with the perfect gutters to enhance its look and increase its value. 

If you’re looking forward to installing gutters in your home, here are some types of gutters to consider:

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are the most common type of gutters in current homes. Thus, if you’re planning on buying a home, there’s a high chance that your choice will have this type of guttering. Although most people think they’re named that way after their shape, this is far from the truth. The K-style name was coined from the guttering rank as far as common types of gutters are concerned.

K-style gutters are famous for their appearance and how decorative they are. They’re curvier and pretty to look at, and most homeowners love their appearance. They can be screwed flush against the fascia due to their flat back feature, resulting in a seamless appearance. K-style gutters can also hold lots of rainwater, which is ideal for homes with frequent rain.

These gutters come in different sizes and materials, and roofers can make them on-site to fit a home’s style and requirements. You may check out gutter repair installers in your area or visit their site for more information on their services.

Victorian Ogee Gutters

Victorian Ogee or Old Gothic gutters are unique and decorative to suit specific home styles. Their design resembles cast-iron ones that were popular in the 19th century. Victorian Ogee gutters have a traditional, stylish appearance. While this guttering looks excellent on traditional homes, it can suit most properties with professional styling.

Victorian Ogee gutters are shallow and can’t handle as much water as other gutters. Therefore, they’re suitable for smaller homes. Additionally, if you’re interested in installing these gutters in your home, you’ll need to have them custom-made as it might be impossible to buy them off hardware shelves.

Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters are commonly used in homes without fascia boards to act as both the fascia and gutter. After installation, they conceal the rafter edges, making it impossible for one to see them when looking at your home. Fascia gutters are perfect for creating a smooth line along your roof while preventing water damage or animals from entering your home through the rafter tails.

However, while these gutters might not be the ideal solution for your home with fascia boards, they’re excellent for homes without one.

Half-Round Gutters

If you’re looking forward to investing in gutters that look great on your home without looking too exaggerated, you might need to consider half-round gutters. Half-round gutters appear traditional and sit nicely on unique residences. They come in several styles: single-bead, double-bead, and others. While they’re different in style, this doesn’t affect their performance and installation.

Half-round gutters also come in various materials, allowing homeowners an opportunity to choose the material that matches their home design to increase its aesthetic appeal. They are also easily cut to fit a home’s length and come with hidden hangers; this way, people won’t see how they’re attached to the house.

European Gutters

European gutters are similar to half-round but with a more visible bead outside the gutter. These gutters are ideal for homes with visible half-round hangers. Most homeowners prefer these gutters because they’re stylish and add class to their homes. This is especially true when you install your home with European copper gutters, which look stunning from the first day they’re installed to when they develop a unique patina due to aging.  

European gutters come from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions without depreciating in quality or being ripped off your house. These gutters are fastened with wider full-round downpipes to allow more water flow. Therefore, they’re suitable for homes in areas with lots of rain throughout the year.


Gutters come in different types, forms, and materials to fit various home styles. With such variations, finding guttering to suit your home requirements should be easy and quick. Nevertheless, it would be best to work with professional roofers to help you choose wisely. These experts will examine your home style and requirements before suggesting the best guttering. However, whether or not you need help in selecting gutters for your home, ensure to concentrate on durability to avoid replacing them now and then.