6 Fantastic Wall Decor Ideas for a Small Home

Are you someone with the soul of an interior designer but feel as though you don’t have much space in your cozy little home to bring out your creativity? Decorating small spaces can prove to be a great challenge for many people with big ideas. But with the right wall decor, these same spaces can serve as a window to your life’s stories and personality for your visitors to admire. In this blog, we will share six fantastic wall decor ideas that people with limited spaces can incorporate to brighten up their walls. May it be your bedroom, lounge, or cute little kitchenette, the ideas below will help you turn your bare, dull walls into eye-catching galleries that no one can resist praising:

Wall Decor Ideas: The Mirror-Wrapped Canvas

Traditionally, canvas prints are displayed on walls after wrapping them on wooden frames.  To make this kind of art even more appealing, artists are now opting to frame canvas prints in a manner that the borders of the picture seem to be reflected on the outer edges of the canvas frame.  To achieve this look, the nearest part of the framed image is extended over the edges of the frame to cause them to look like a mirror image of the photo’s outer borders – giving this art the name of a mirror-wrapped canvas.   Scenic paintings and panoramic views of the city or a field of flowers are great options for this type of wall art.

Wall Decor Ideas_Canvas Wall Art

Floating Shelves

Are you an avid reader who has a treasure of books that needs to be displayed? Or maybe you are a traveler who loves to go around the world collecting souvenirs that you want to show off.  

The best way to flaunt your most cherished items in limited space is floating shelves on your room’s walls. Other things to display in these spaces are framed family photos, beautiful seashells from your last visit to the beach, or colorful potted plants that can brighten up the mood of any space in your home.

Wall Decor Ideas_Floating Shelves

Mirrors on the Wall

With so many types of mirrors on the market, there is always one to suit everyone’s taste. Mirrors are popular for giving the illusion of more space, even in small rooms. From traditional to contemporary and full-length, rectangular to round with a metal frame, there are so many to choose from! 

However, do make sure the mirror you hang on your walls draws attention to only the right things. It could be a beautiful lamp hanging from the ceiling right above your dining table! To create an amazing effect, try grouping different smaller-sized mirrors together to create greater reflection.

Wall Decor Ideas_Mirrors

A Photo Gallery

Nothing can beat the nostalgic feelings that emerge when we see old family photos. Another heartwarming way to decorate the walls of your small home is by creating an art gallery. It can include photos of all the fun and loving moments you captured with the people you love.

If you have a collection of memorable photos from the past, like birthday parties, the birth of your children or grandchildren, or the last Thanksgiving feast, a photo gallery is the best way to preserve those moments forever.  Just like mirrors, you can create a collage with clusters of your favorite frames to display these photos.

Photo Gallery

Natural Wall Art Decor Ideas

Some people are greatly attached to the outdoors and just love exploring mother nature, collecting all types of beautiful flowers and colorful leaves. If you are one of them, we have an amazing idea to decorate the walls of your small home. Why not preserve your findings in frames that you love, and display them as wall decor? The fall season is the best time to find leaves of many different colors that can be framed and hung on your room’s walls. It will improve their aesthetics without much effort. You may even want to frame dried roses or any other flowers of your choice. The choices are endless!

Natural Wall Art

Hand-Painted Murals

How about you bring out the long-lost painter in yourself? It’s time to pick up your paint brushes and fetch some paint to create some fantastic murals on those bare walls! From the kitchen to your dining room and even your little one’s nursery, you can choose to brighten up the walls with a variety of artwork.  You can paint your child’s favorite cartoon characters on their bedroom wall or a tree with falling, colorful leaves on the featured wall of your living room. Try painting a birch tree mural to make your bedroom appear more prominent by adding depth to its walls.


Living in a home with a limited room doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the great feelings that come with decorating the small spaces you live in. In this blog, we have discussed some fantastic wall decor ideas that beautify the walls all around you and brighten up your rooms, creating a pleasant and inviting environment.  Try them out and get compliments from everyone who visits your home!

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