And To All A Good Night Sign

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And to all a good night sign…simple and quick to do with napkin decoupage, thrifted items, and simple print and paint!!

Hello friends and happy Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday!! Say that 3 times fast!! haha!

New around here? My friends and I get together every month, on the second Tuesday and share our most recent find (trash) and give it a makeover. (turn it into the treasure it deserves to be)

So, don’t rush off once you are reading all about my makeover today, be sure to scroll all the way down and see what my friends’ did with their “trash” this month!

And To All A Good Night Sign


Here’s mine…

small framed sign before

I found this metal and wood sign last week at the thrift store for a few bucks. (too much if you ask me but gosh prices have gone up all over)

Still cheaper than what you’d pay retail, so here we are.

Since it’s the month of December, I decided to do a holiday-themed makeover.
AND, I found these super adorable Santa napkins weeks ago with the idea to make at least one holiday project with them.

small sign before with santa napkins

Aren’t they cute?? I mean, look at that sweet and oh so jolly look on Santa’s face. Love it!!



Since the inside was tin/metal I decided to lightly sand it so it wouldn’t be slick before painting.
I used a primer first then white satin spray paint, drying in between.

Then I printed out the words I wanted to use (in reverse) so that I could transfer the ink to the project as you see below. (I was laying everything out to see how I wanted to do it)

small sign painted white with santa napkin

I decided to cut a little tighter around Santa to remove the beige-colored “frame” surrounding him.

See below?? I think he looks much better. And I decided to stagger the words a bit as you can see below.
That’s just a personal choice, not any design reason. Now that it’s done, I’m kind of wishing I’d done it like I had it above!! lol
Doesn’t it figure??

small white sign with santa napkin and printed words

Oh well, it is what it is now! And that’s just part of the creative process.


I used the Transfer & Decoupage Gel to attach the Santa napkin.

applying decoupage gel to napkin

I applied it underneath and then on top.


Next, I transferred the lettering. I simply printed it in reverse, then rubbed it with a pencil to transfer the ink. (see below)

lifting up paper to show how ink transferred the lettering

Isn’t that cool??

santa decoupaged on sign and ink transferred the letterng

Here are all the methods I use for transferring graphics and making signs >>> How To Transfer Graphics


hand painting in the lettering

I need some new script liner brushes. I ended up having to use this tiny one pictured which was not ideal…and my lines got a little bumpy. Boo.
So once it was dry, I went back over it with a calligraphy pen I had on hand. And dang, I think I will do that more often…instead of painting. (I’ve got some listed above up in the “Materials Used” section)

Not perfect, but better.

sign all painted in

I’m going to use only the pens on my next sign project. I’ll post about it when I do!


I originally wanted to paint the frame the same red that’s in the napkin. BUT I could not recreate it well enough. (I tried!) SO…I switched gears and went for gold instead. And oh my gosh, gold is so much better! I’m so glad I didn’t get the red right because I love the gold frame instead. Love how that works out sometimes.

painting the frame gold

Love this gold color and the coverage is better than any other gold paint I’ve used.

And that’s it! One coat of gold is all it took. This Santa (and to all a good night) project is done!

Pretty simple actually. Certainly, a fun project to do with kids or any age!

santa sign with gold frame in white snow and trees on table

I put it in several different locations around my house.

gold framed santa sign on center table piece

It looked sweet here on the centerpiece I made for our dining room table.

And here on our whitewashed dresser in the living room.

santa sign on white dresser with bowl of small pine cones in front

santa sign with pine cones and blue vase with red berries

And even here it looked cute with my gold reindeer.

santa sign with gold deer and blue lamp

Or how about right here in the bathroom. ha!

santa sign in bathroom on back of toilet with green plant and shelves above

Lots of places you could use a cute sign like that.

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And to all a good night sign...simple and quick to do with napkin decoupage, thrifted items, and simple print and paint!!

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Have a wonderful week! I’ll be back later this week with the first of our Christmas decor. See you then!


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