CLT is produced from softwoods these kinds of as fir, pine, or spruce. The rails are glued jointly in a perpendicular way, forming a panel with an odd variety of layers (3-7). The panel can have various parameters: up to 3.5 m broad and up to 18 m very long optimum. These types of a slab is equipped to face up to rigorous assessments of strength and toughness, pushing to the qualifications even such common building resources like brick and concrete. CLTs are currently getting to be prevalent, and you can also discover clt panels for sale in the assortment of the Ukrainian company Rezult House, which manufactures them.

Cross-Laminated Timber: Top Advantages You Did not Know

The strengths of using the material relate to two features: the attributes of the CLT panel and the development features of these kinds of boards.

Concerning the functions of the content, it must be mentioned that it is:

  • FSC accredited uncooked materials.
  • Common content for different initiatives and development technologies it is equally acceptable for exterior and inside walls, as well as for roofs and flooring.
  • The cross arrangement of the boards will make the plate solid and durable, evenly distributing the load around the total plane of the CLT panel.
  • The multilayer construction of the slab can make it a ideal possibility for vertical loading.
  • The panels have substantial seismic and thermal overall performance.

As for the peculiarities of design, CLT-panels have one thing to contrast with common technologies and elements.

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  • CLT is an environmentally welcoming material that does not have a damaging effect on the setting.
  • The panels can be used for tough do the job, but there are also plates that have an aesthetically excellent glimpse and do not need any finishing.
  • Wooden is about 30% lighter than concrete or steel buildings, so the foundation can be created simpler, and the dwelling does not shrink. In basic, this saves funds, in particular because the material alone is more cost-effective than its common counterparts.

One more, a lot less obvious benefit is that there is considerably less noise at the design web site, and in some cases, this aspect can be pretty crucial.

CLT panels: a risk-free alternative to classic setting up supplies

In addition to environmental friendliness, the stove is highly resistant to open up flames. The burning price of CLT is only .8 mm / min. At the exact time boards of manufacturing, Rezult Property meet all other norms and demands concerning safety and have a substantial bearing ability.