This Triple-Dome Design in North Carolina Is Simply Dreamy

“There was a lot of interest in it when it first hit the market,” says the listing broker, Kati Lawrence of Premier Realty. “I think a lot of people just wanted to see it because it is so unique—versus really having an interest in buying it. But right now, it is under contract.”

Listed for $549,000, the intergalactic-looking triple-dome home is connected by walkways, and each dome serves a particular purpose. It’s a triple delight of a design that was custom-built by the original owner in 1981.

“It took the first owner about five years to build. In the 1980s, dome houses were all the rage, and the original owner looked into buying kits, but they weren’t quite what he wanted, so he decided to design it himself,” says Lawrence. “They made everything custom for the house and added the porch and sunroom later.”

For the current owner, the second

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How To Achieve The Perfect Grandmillennial Look In Your Home

Grandmillennial style has taken the design world by storm as millennials have begun to adorn their homes with vintage and retro details that they might find in their grandma’s house. This trend is all about bringing a modern twist to what once seemed like outdated decor. The trick is to find the balance by creating a curated look that doesn’t feel kitschy or cluttered. If you’re eager to tap into this new style and incorporate a few vintage pieces into your home, here’s our quick guide on how to create the perfect grandmillennial look.

Tamas Gabor

Use the natural world as inspiration

One of the best grandmillennial design trends to bring to your home is using the natural world for inspiration. Have you ever noticed that grandma’s house is filled with quirky, natural-looking items like bird clocks, rooster plates, or vine-patterned wallpaper? When diving into the grandmillennial aesthetic, you’ll want

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Best Winter Design Requests In Happy Home DLC

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise DLC welcomes players to the Happy Home Archipelago to create vacation homes for its many villagers, and players with a love of winter wonderlands will find a number of villagers on the archipelago who request winter-themed designs. Their requests range from chilly to cozy, giving players a wide range of options for furniture, wallpapers, and even lighting effects. Players can create homes for villagers by either speaking with them on the archipelago’s beach or inviting them via Amiibo using the Amiibo Scanner in the Paradise Planning office.


Each vacation home in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise is designed around a specific theme based on the villager’s request, and there are several homes that are themed around each of the four seasons so players can get both festive and creative. In addition, each of the Happy Home Archipelago’s many

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What are the traits of the present-day kitchen layout?

Characteristics of a Modern Kitchen Design | Wonderful Kitchens


Do you’ve got plans to transform your kitchen? Then it’s far crucial to apprehend the traits of present-day kitchen layout. Based on that, you may be capable of continuing with the kitchen redecorate undertaking and reworking the appearance and sense of your kitchen in conjunction with the general capability supplied through it. Even in case you are building a brand-new home, you must apprehend the traits of present-day kitchen layout because it allows you to create a perfect kitchen.

Sleek shelves

One of the maximum outstanding factors you may observe in a present-day kitchen is glossy shelves. This is characterized by unadorned and easy furnishings. In those kitchen shelves, you may by no means be capable of locating any ugly gaps or dirt traps. The knobs and handles are stainless-steel or chrome made. They in addition make contributions closer to improving the streamlined appearance and sense of the shelves.Read More