Design Miami’s New Online Store Is the Coolest Place to Shop for Home Goods

Design Miami, the annual international design fair in Florida, is an interior aficionado’s mecca. It’s where you can see everything from rare Art Nouveau furniture to avant garde installations by Harry Nuriev for Balenciaga, to contemporary, culture-defining makers such as self-proclaimed “ghetto potter” Roberto Lugo. And it’s where you can learn about it all: Booths often include easy-to-read explanations alongside each work, accompanied by an attendant who will talk ad nauseum about it. Yes, each piece is for sale. But Design Miami, and its participants, know that their role is also an informative one—70,000 people flock to the event each year, and the crowd is a mix of buyers, perusers, and those who aren’t sure which they are yet.

But not everyone has the time, or means, to fly to Miami and stay there. Nor, in this pandemic day and age, are they necessarily allowed to. A significant and

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Houston-area home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for sale

The home is the only one he designed in the Houston area, and one of only three of his homes in the entire state of Texas.

HOUSTON — It’s an impressive home but as the Realtor, Clay Joyner will tell you, it’s much more than that.

The architect was an American master.

“He wanted to push you into that room to make you feel like it was something that actually had, where you wanted to gather, to be a part of something,” Joyner said.

Nestled in Bunker Hill Village is a home by an architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright. It is the only one he designed in the Houston area, and one of only three of his homes in the entire state of Texas.

“It’s like walking through a Monet your entire life, going through your house and I’m gonna walk through a piece of art, every single day,” Joyner

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Vous voulez acheter ou votre maison ? Découvrez les avantages d’engager un agent immobilier.

Pourquoi vous devriez engager un agent immobilier :

  • Il s’agit de conclure l’achat de votre maison au bord du lac thonon : 

Une étude de 2017 a indiqué que les achats de maison au bord du lac thonon par l’acheteur avaient environ 30 % de recherches en plus que les propriétés affichées par les agents immobiliers.

  • Le souci du détail 

Les contrats d’achat et de vente comprennent à eux seuls plus de 10 pages en 2020, sans compter les autres documents étatiques et locaux. Heureusement, l’agent immobilier connaît bien cette bureaucratie, ce qui simplifie et accélère le processus.

  • Vie privée et confidentialité 

Votre agent immobilier assure vos arrières, que vous soyez acheteur ou vendeur. En tant qu’agents immobiliers, ils sont légalement tenus de faire passer les intérêts de leurs clients en premier.

  • Les agents savent ce
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Even With The Eviction Moratorium, Landlords Continued To Find Ways To Kick Renters Out

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Millions of renters in the U.S. lost a key protection keeping them in their homes on Aug. 26, 2021, with a Supreme Court ruling ending a national moratorium on eviction.

The federal stay on evictions was put in place during the coronavirus pandemic to protect renters falling behind on monthly payments and therefore in danger of needing to stay at homeless shelters or with friends or relatives. This pandemic response was designed to keep tenants in their housing, prevent overcrowding in shelters and homes, and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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In early August, 7.9 million renter households reported being in arrears, with 3.5 million saying they

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