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If home has historically been where the heart is, the past couple years have shown that home is, well, where the everything is.

Whether you’re tired of staring at the same old decor for a new year of working from home, or you want to boost your home’s character before you put it on the market, here are innovative design trends that will modernize any home, add personality and charm both you and new buyers.

luxury bathroom

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From tech-forward features to lighting upgrades to concealed shower drains, 2022 is all about sleek, smart (think: tech-forward) bathrooms. Click through to see the top bathroom trends for this year.

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bathroom remodel

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According to Zillow, “Homeowners will prioritize creating retreats within their homes.” This includes spa-inspired bathrooms where you can escape and relax. If you’re into replicating this look and feel in your house, think about adding:

  • An aromatherapy diffuser. Scents like eucalyptus and lavender will invite relaxing thoughts, help you unwind after a long day in front of the computer and transport you to the spa.

  • Give your bathroom an earthy look. Think about incorporating plants (also a top 2022 bathroom trend) and neutral colors into your decor — and bring more of the outside in with a good window-cleaning and updated window coverings.

  • Pamper yourself with soft, luxury towels. Warm up those towels and place them over your eyes or on sore muscles as you soak in the tub.

  • Create a relaxing mood. Simply install a light dimmer, lay out some candles, and give your eyes a rest from all those screens.

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smart bathroom

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The use of smart technology in bathrooms has become super popular. Expect to see more self-cleaning features, high-tech showerheads, heated flooring, smart vanities and smart toilets in 2022. More homeowners will be controlling their bathroom’s features with the touch of a button.

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shower drain

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Not all shower drains are created equal. Concealed drains provide a cleaner, more seamless aesthetic for a modern luxury bathroom. They can also make your shower appear bigger and more open — and free up space by reducing the need for curbing. Expect this to be a trend in 2022, according to BA Staging & Interiors.

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bathroom sinks

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2021 saw a major uptick in sink and lighting upgrades, according to a recent Houzz report. And there are no signs this trend will dwindle in 2022. According to the report, “more homeowners cite both insufficient lighting (28%) and no natural lighting (11%) as issues.” The remedy? Take on a bathroom renovation project, of course.

Many homeowners also prefer to install double sinks, but this trend may be becoming less popular. Undermount sinks are also a win. Although wall lights and recessed lighting are homeowners’ favorites, pendants, lighted mirrors and chandeliers are having their moment.

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kitchen floor

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2022’s top kitchen trends include a few throwbacks, as well as some modern upgrades. Here’s a look at the most popular trends.


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Kitchens are often said to sell homes, and in this day and age, creating a multi-functional look and feel to your kitchen may be the key to either a high offer or a more productive work environment — whatever you’re looking for. Open up your aesthetic — and your kitchen space — to more elaborate features like islands, countertops and bars. You can use this space not just to prepare meals, but also for working, dining and entertaining .

Another idea for homeowners to make their kitchens more functional incorporates “kitchen zoning,” or designated work spaces in their kitchens, explains Country Living. You may also start to see “working pantries” that can be used for storing appliances, reports Better Homes & Gardens.

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Throwbacks are hitting young homeowners this year. Zillow states that “all-wood kitchens are back.” But instead of cherry cabinets, white oak is a new favorite.

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kitchen island


The curved look is set to trend in 2022. The search term “curved kitchen islands ideas” is trending on Pinterest — and Southern Living explains that curved lines in the kitchen can help you create a “cozier look and feel.”

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kitchen cabinets


Handleless cabinets are expected to trend in 2022, reports Homes & Gardens. This touch-to-open system is super convenient and creates a sleeker, less cluttered look. This design trend is ideal for smaller kitchens.

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black kitchen


Yep, you read that right. Pinterest found that “goth kitchen decor” was a popular search term — up 85% in 2021 — and will likely be a trend in 2022. So if you’re feeling bold, join in. Paint your cabinets black, install dark kitchen appliances, and let your inner goth child back out.

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eco friendly living room


Homes with sustainable features will be a priority among younger homeowners, reports Zillow. Keep reading to see how homeowners plan to incorporate environmentally friendly upgrades in 2022.

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organic room


The use of natural and organic materials is becoming increasingly popular, and is set to soar even more in 2022, predicts TrendBook and House Beautiful. Think of adding elements such as cork, reclaimed wood and recycled plastic to your interior spaces.

Biophilic home design.


Another top home trend to expect in 2022: biophilic designs, according to the Spruce. Homeowners (especially millennials) have found ways to incorporate plants and nature into their living areas. Staircase gardens, floral ceiling and vertical plant gardens are some of the most popular searches, according to Pinterest.

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solar roof

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In 2022, Thumbtack predicts that homeowners will scope out long-term investments such as solar panel installations and cleanings. Since, installation services have increased 26%, while cleanings jumped a whopping 454%.

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If you’re not planning to invest in expensive upgrades or a large remodel, there are plenty of easy-to-apply interior design trends for 2022. Click through to see our favorites.

living room


If you prefer neutral, earthy tones, you’re in luck. Beautiful, nature-inspired colors (think: green, earthy brown, taupe and blue) are a hit this year, states Zillow. There’s also a super hue for 2022: Breezeway, a color deemed The Behr 2022 Color of the Year. Silvery-green and reminiscent of sea glass, this shade will give your interior design a whole new personality.

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emerald interior design room


Green represents harmony, growth, renewal, royalty and refinement — and homeowners are loving the shade. Etsy saw that searches for emerald green decor are up 60% — so this year will see nature-inspired shades of green and emerald incorporated into interior design.

outdoor furniture


Curves aren’t just trending in the kitchen; they’re making waves all over the home. Architectural Digest predicts that curved sofas, desks and tables will replace the sharp corners and edges we’re used to seeing in our living spaces. Pinterest found that these were some of the most popular, “curvy” searches in 2021:

  • Round pool deck ideas

  • Curved couch living room

  • Curved walls interior

  • Curved bar design

living room chandelier

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If you’re thinking about upgrading your light fixtures, this is the year to do it. Etsy reports an uptick in searches for statement lighting, with top trending searches like:

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