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Cat grooming isn’t as famous as canine grooming, particularly due to the records of a cat’s response to having a tub , however the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends it, and says that giving your cat normal grooming can assist hold healthful skin, ears, nails, tooth and eyes, and reduce shedding.

Cat Grooming Prices

The country wide common value of cat grooming is $50, with maximum puppy proprietors spending between $30 and $70. Some cat grooming centers price one charge for a grooming package, whilst others provide a basic “tubtub’ after which provide upload-ones. Prices will depend upon whether or not or now no longer the provider is cell or stationery, and the scale of the business.

Local Cat Grooming Prices

A Bubble Bath groom costs $30 at the Groom Room Pet Spa in Delray Beach, FL. which incorporates a blueberry facial, shampoo and conditioning, nail cropping, massage, and ear cleaning.

Austin Grooming Artist in Cedar Creek, TX, prices $50 for cat grooms, which incorporates nail cropping and filing, ear cleaning, tooth scaling and brushing, and a coat shave or style.

—quick hair- $35, medium hair – $45, lengthy hair -$fifty-five, and kittens below six months – $25. Haircuts are $75.

My Pet Naturally in Los Angeles, CA, prices $fifty-five for a tubtub and $70 for a groom, which incorporates a shampoo, nail clipping, blow-dry, and brush out.

Mobile Cat Grooming Prices

It can also additionally or won’t be inexpensive to apply a cell Best Cat Groomers in Columbus provider. Austin Grooming Artist in Cedar Creek, TX, gives a pick-up and transport provider for $20 spherical trip. For cat grooming, Glamour Dogs Miami in Miami, FL, charges the same as its onsite facility – $40 to $85 per cat. They come to your home.

Offers and Package Deals

Sham poodles Pet Grooming in Coconut Creek, FL, has a month-to-month charge that begins off evolved at $50 for a once-a-week shower, brush, and blow-dry, as compared to a once-off shower beginning at $29. The Groom Room Pet Spa in Delray Beach, FL, gives $10 off your cat’s first provider.

Flea-Free Policies

Most cat groomers will now no longer groom your cat until he or she is freed from fleas and ticks. If they discover any, they’ll upload on a flea remedy automatically. One groomer’s flea-loose coverage states: “Any puppy that is available in with fleas right away is positioned into the bathtub for a flea tubtub; this could incur a $five flea tubtub price. Your groomer will do an inspection whilst you drop off your puppy.”


Additional Services & Costs

Many animal facilities offer the whole thing your cat ought to need—healthcare, grooming, boarding, and extra. Dr. Angel’s Compassionate Care Centers in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, FL, have whole veterinary offerings, full-provider grooming, and boarding. For folks that discover it tough to take break day work, this will integrate a vet checkup and grooming in a single visit.

TLC Pet Boarding in Fort Lauderdale, FL, gives cage-much less cat boarding and cat grooming—charging $50 for the grooming and $20 extra for a nail trim. Additional offerings consist of hypoallergenic or medicated shampoos, and flea and tick treatments. Have the grooming sorted whilst your cat is boarded. Judy’s Bath & Boutique in Hollywood, FL, gives fresh-baked, all-herbal treats further to her cat grooming offerings and retail store. Cat grooming costs variety from $forty-three to $68.


Licensing varies via way of means of state, and maximum licensing necessities are for the ability in place of the groomer. Some states don’t require any licenses, whilst others do. Groomers may be certified via way of means of the National Cat Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) or the National Cat Groomers Institute INCGI) Click here

All in all, it’s an excellent concept to have your cat groomed as a minimum a few times a yr so his or her top-rated fitness is ensured.