Are You Ready To Start Your Decluttering Journey? 

Do you feel like it’s impossible to get rid of all the clutter in your life? Do you wish you had reliable advice on how to get started decluttering? Do you wish your home felt more relaxing and cozy instead of stressful due to an abundance of clutter? Why not start your decluttering journey today? 

Hi, Rita Wilkins here! I’m ready to help you take those first steps on your decluttering journey. The good news is, this isn’t a journey you have to take on your own. The Downsizing Designer is here to guide you. Through decluttering checklists, decluttering workbooks, and decluttering courses – I can help you live the decluttered, minimalist lifestyle you’ve been seeking. 

Limited Time Holiday Sale On Decluttering Checklists And More 

That’s right – you still have time to make use of the incredible holiday sale we have going on right now. From now through Christmas, you can save 50% on any of my decluttering tools by using the coupon code SAVE50! 

Choose the decluttering tool that will suit your learning style the best. I offer all of the following: 

Don’t wait – get the guidance you need to achieve a minimalist lifestyle and a decluttered home today! Start living your best life with more money, time, and freedom to do what you want after you’ve decluttered your life. 

Rita Wilkins Offers Lifestyle Design And Interior Design Services  

Do you want to learn more about downsizing and decluttering? Call Design Services LTD at 302-475-5663 to discuss your design needs. You can also connect with me by following me on Facebook and LinkedIn. Would you like complimentary advice from the downsizing designer? You can schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me today. My book Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money, and Freedom is now available in paperback, audio, and on Kindle! Get your copy soon. 

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