MODERN GESTURE: Lighting up interiors

Today we’re heading along the coast of KwaZulu Natal, to the North Coast where a family home offers a vibrant and refreshing interior as an escape to the seaside.

This project is a holiday home for a family who lives in the KZN farmlands. It’s the perfect retreat for when they need a beach escape from rural life. The house was a full gut and reno project and was transformed completely by the team from XIII Design Studio with lighting from Modern Gesture, keeping only the walls as a framework.

Bathrooms that will get your guests talking!

Designers completely reconfigured this very outdated guest bathroom (below). They added in a walk-in shower, and finished it off with some locally designed products!

The lights pictured below form part of the bar area, where the clients will mainly host and entertain. Designers tried to keep an authentic South African feel throughout the home, with regards to patterns, textures and colours. As such, they used local product designers wherever possible to keep that authentic South African feel. This is why the Modern Gesture lights were the perfect complement to this modern bar space!

As we can see from this stylish interior, your choice of lighting can certainly help set the tone and will allow all the other elements in the room to shine. Here, bold statement lighting adds to the overall effect, paired with bright pops of colour throughout the room.

Kaylin Cameron from XIII Design Studio is the interior designer who left her mark on this glorious family beach home. This firm loves to work on residential, intimate corporate/commercial and boutique hospitality interior projects.

About Modern Gesture

Modern Gesture believes that in each piece created a story is embedded into its materials. It, therefore, captures the time and care engaged in the creation of each item. This practice ensures that each piece holds its own unique characteristics. The woven light pendants in the Modern Gesture collection are statement pieces to bring elegance and poise to any setting.

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