Oak kitchen cabinets with limestone countertops

A beautiful kitchen with oak kitchen cabinets combined with limestone countertops in a layout with a kitchen island.

The kitchen in this beautiful Swedish living space is the heart of the interior. Rather than blending in, as a white kitchen would do against these white walls, the oak kitchen cabinets combined with the limestone countertops make the kitchen stand out in a lovely, yet natural way.

Oak kitchen cabinets and a limestone countertop

The oak wood of the kitchen cabinets goes very nicely with the hardwood flooring and adds so much warmth to the otherwise white and minimal space. This warm palette is enhanced by the limestone used for the kitchen countertops. The two materials combine wonderfully and the natural textures in both the oak and in the natural stone add so much texture to the space.

The layout of the kitchen consists of the main block against the wall, which also includes high cabinets and a kitchen island that includes the induction stove and a small extra sink. No wall cabinets are added in this layout so it looks lighter. The walls are kept white, and the white ceiling, wall, and pendant lighting add functional lighting everywhere you might need it, without adding too much distraction from the natural oak and limestone materials.

A round kitchen dining table completes the look

The kitchen is built inside the living space, where a dining table is placed on the other side of the kitchen island. An area rug is used to visually separate the dining area from the kitchen and a slightly darker wood tone is picked out for the dining chairs, which matches the natural color variations in the limestone countertops and the oak in the kitchen.

via Stadshem

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