Robert Krolikiewicz changed into being born in Wroclaw, Poland, a traditionally wealthy and architecturally sturdy metropolis that he compares to Venice with its castle-like systems and elderly compositions. He grew up in a huge own circle of relatives in a village simply outdoor of the metropolis wherein they made their residence developing and cultivating greens on their land. Raised normally through his grandparents, he had a sturdy paintings ethic instilled in him at a younger age and changed into additionally uncovered to a sort of hands-on innovative expression thru his grandfather who did blacksmith paintings in addition to his father who did wooden sculpture as a hobby. 

In recounting his story, Robert is humbled by the achievement he has earned and accredits all of it to humans- folks that helped him alongside the manner as he immigrated from Poland, folks that gave him a danger to show his ardor into the product, in the end molding him into the businessman he ‘s become, or even the ones he employs nowadays at International Artistic Stone, thinking about them his circle of relatives and the muse from which every lovely piece is produced. He says, “Without humans, we’re nothing.” His adventure starts off evolved in Chicago, Illinois. For more info

Robert emigrated to Chicago in his early twenties looking for possibilities. He changed into organized to do what he needed to do on the way to keep cash and right away went to paintings cleansing shops and taking English instructions to interrupt the language barrier that offered itself. He labored difficult doing this for numerous years till he remembers seeing an advert for a forklift working college and enrolled whilst he changed into 24 years old. Operating the equipment changed into a process however Robert desired to devote his lifestyle and paintings to growing something he changed into passionate about. That’s whilst the following course in Robert’s adventure started to expose itself withinside the shape of a postcard he obtained from his father in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

The postcard depicted palm bushes and beaches- the splendor drew Robert in right away. The massive metropolis of Chicago didn’t fit him and he packed his property and headed south. Arriving in Florida and nevertheless contending with relatively a language barrier, he describes the locals he encountered as “pleasant humans trying to lend supporting hands.” His effective first influence on Floridians remained and shortly he met Joe, the proprietor of European Marble who might, in the end, be a using element in steerage his route closer to knowing his ardor- inventive expression thru marble and stone. 

Joe noticed the ambition that Robert had in trying to create something, as he describes as “clean, fast, and the pleasant,” and promoted him to a place wherein he might have the possibility to hone his preference, painting that preference together along with his inventive abilities, and take his imaginative and prescient a step beyond. Robert embraced the danger he changed into given, setting a non-public mantra to it, “We have to assignment ourselves each day.” This changed into a sizeable time in Robert’s lifestyle because it added him a step in the direction of the proverbial platform from which he might quickly take the soar of religion that could outline his ardor, his lifestyle, and sooner or later his commercial enterprise.

Robert began subcontracting with the business enterprise he changed into presently running for and started out doing his training session in his backyard. It began out with little initiatives for buddies and, thru phrase of mouth and small networking, he changed into capable of developing his commercial enterprise and taking his paintings to new heights. The soar of religion changed into the pivotal second that could distinguish Robert from a marble and stone employee to a marble and stone artisan and a successful self-made commercial enterprise proprietor. With the help and confirmation of his wife, Robert changed into subsequently capable of taking the very last step in knowing his dream.

Now, with International Artistic Stone as a longtime and flourishing commercial enterprise evidenced through their choice as a subcontractor on Sarasota’s Ritz-Carlton wherein their craftsmanship is on display, they cater generally too huge, million greenback residential initiatives. Robert stocks with us the keys to retaining the achievement of the commercial enterprise and what he envisions for the future. “Inventory is the strength of the commercial enterprise,” Robert says. He believes it’s paramount withinside the achievement of a commercial enterprise to live in advance of the curve, shopping for substances in bulk earlier than value rises. To do this, “You should continuously be knowledgeable and attuned to what the marketplace is like.” Robert admits that he’s nevertheless gaining knowledge of the pleasant approaches to marketplace his commercial enterprise, working example that schooling and marketplace recognition are key.

Robert and Irani have a love for bikes and personal a 1946 and 1999 Indian, in addition to a custom chopper acknowledged as “The Redneck.” Robert smiles whilst recounting his days as a child, sitting at the parked motorbike withinside the storage belonging to his grandfather, making “motorbike noises” as though he had been driving himself. He feels thankful for the help of his circle of relatives, his possessions, and the achievement in lifestyles and commercial enterprise that every one of his difficult paintings has earned him. Robert is certainly the face of a self-made businessman who’s residing the American Dream.