48 Dope Home Upgrades That Seem Expensive But Are Cheap AF

If you’ve ever dreamed of tricking out your space with cool little design features — but have never followed through because of the cost — there’s something you need to know: Amazon is packed with dope home upgrades that seem expensive but are cheap AF. In fact, nothing on this list costs more than $35, and there are plenty of finds that cost much less than that (which means you’ll have cash left over to enjoy takeout in your newly spruced up home).

You probably already know that good lighting is key to a more expensive-feeling space, which is why I’ve put some great options at the top of the list. From solar-powered path lights that line your front walk to under-cabinet lighting that can make any old bookshelf feel special, you’ll find tons of ways to add atmosphere. The best part? Nothing requires fancy electrical wiring. Beyond that, I’ve

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43 Cheap Things That Make A Big Impact Around The House

The mere thought of a home makeover can immediately feel intimidating (and pretty overwhelming). However, it turns out that updating your home doesn’t always have to be a large and expensive task. Thanks to all of the cheap things on Amazon that make an impact around the house, you can alter your home’s aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Simple changes like new lighting or curtains will give your space a brand new feeling with little to no effort at all. To make your quest a bit easier, I’ve put together a list of products that’ll help you spruce things up in a flash — and there’s pretty much something here for every room in your home.

Seriously: There are shower heads with built-in LED lights and magnetic toothbrush holders for your bathroom. And I can’t forget about the satin sheets, throw pillow covers, and bedside organizers for your sleeping area,

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