How to Create Reusable Code In JavaScript Using Design Patterns

If you ever want to create reusable JavaScript code or collaborate with a team of developers, then you need to know how to use and identify the different design patterns in the language.

In JavaScript, the term design pattern refers to a specific way of writing code and is often thought of as a programming template. The interesting thing is that the label “design pattern” can be applied to anything from an entire application to a simple block of code.

Design pattern is a broad topic, but by understanding the module pattern and the factory method you should get to grips with it.

The Module Pattern

JavaScript modules were introduced in 2009, with the ES5 version of the programming language. Using modules developers were now able to create custom pieces of code and export them to be used in other sections of a JavaScript application.

The Basic Structure of the

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4 design ideas for a practical yet stylish kitchen

Design ideas for the heart of your home, including a butler's pantry, a safety step, concealed appliances and more.

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Design ideas for the heart of your home, including a butler’s pantry, a safety step, concealed appliances and more.

The kitchen is both the heart and the engine room of the home. A major selling point of any house, this is where the magic happens – not only is the kitchen a functional area for food preparation, it’s also the place where the family congregates and entertaining begins.

With the right design ideas, you can marry function and form to create a kitchen that serves to entertain while also allowing for a seamless cooking experience. The key is to balance quality materials with practical purpose-driven design features – and, of course, an elegant swathe of ‘just because’ design flourishes throughout.

1. Butler’s pantry

a kitchen with a sink and a window: Looking through the butler's pantry to the kitchen with overhead cupboards finished in bespoke antique glass from Glass Artistry. Calacatta marble from Granite & Marble Works. Hansgrohe sink mixer from Candana. Vase from Ruth Levine. Flowers from Mandalay Flowers.

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Looking through the butler’s pantry to the kitchen with overhead cupboards finished

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Not Just for Kids? The Latest, Happiest Design Trend

Who doesn’t need a mental boost in the home after the dumpster fire that was 2020? To help make this year lighter and brighter, consider a healthy dose of kindercore.

This childlike design aesthetic is trending big-time for good reason: Its signature bright, primary colors plant us squarely in a much happier place.

“I literally have a client right now who is fully embracing this design look in his home, and I also did a show house in this concept several years ago,” reports Ana Cummings of ANA Interiors.

But is this look really for adults—or just for kids?

“Frankly, it’s Fisher-Price for the adult market,” says Beverly Solomon of the eponymous design firm. While living among Lego- and Duplo-inspired hues isn’t for everyone, kindercore may be exactly your cup of tea if you’re game enough to try big splashes of bold color.

Here’s more about kindercore, including its

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At Home With Festen, the Parisian Design Duo Perfecting Low-Key Chic

When Le Pigalle opened in 2015, around the corner from my old apartment in Montmartre, it instantly became my hangout. Many urban hotels aim for cult status with locals. This one delivered precisely because it didn’t—and still doesn’t—feel like a hotel. The lobby, with its terrazzo floor, functions more like a giant café, with sober red velvet banquettes, bentwood chairs, and really good espresso and natural wine. Near the front door, bathed in daylight (when there is any in Paris), is an oversized deep-brown marble table surrounded by mismatched vintage chairs that say, I’m good for meetings if you must. Or for cruising the branding consultants and graphic designers squeaking past in interesting sneakers if you like. “We wanted people to come in and say, ‘Wait, there are rooms upstairs?’ ” says Hugo Sauzay, 34, one half of Festen, the interior design team that gave Le Pigalle the feeling that

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