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Every Long COVID Symptom, Ranked in New Study

A few months into the COVID-19 pandemic it became clear that not everyone was fully recovering from the highly infectious virus. In fact, some people, who initially suffered mild to moderate infections, were experiencing curious symptoms several months after the virus had gone away. These people are now referred to as “long haulers” and their condition, long hauler syndrome or Post-acute COVID Syndrome. A new systemic review and data analysis has compiled much of the data collected from long haulers, and put together a comprehensive list ranking their symptoms. Here are the 48 most common long hauler symptoms, ranked from least to most prevalent. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had Coronavirus. 48 Paranoia One extremely rare but frightening symptom experienced by COVID long haulers is

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7 Easy Maximalist Decor Tips. The over-the-top, eclectic charm of design.

After a long stretch of subtle color palettes and understated furnishings, home design trends are shifting away from the minimalist decor that could sometimes feel stark or oversimplified for color schemes, furniture, and accessories that pack a punch. The over-the-top, eclectic charm of maximalist design is here to make its presence known and Sam Levitz Furniture has everything you need to make this funky, yet, elegant trend your own. Check out these easy tips to bring any room in your home to life with dramatic color choices, bold patterns, and an array of unexpected elements. 

One of the best ways to create an over-the-top maximalist space is by embracing pattern. Or better yet, multiple patterns–the louder the better. The trick to taking several patterns that don’t seemingly go together and combining them to make a room pop with visual intrigue is by starting with a relatively neutral palette. A

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Is my house a teardown? Here’s why it may be an easy yes or no answer

The answer to whether your home is a teardown may not be black and white or predetermined. In other cases, it may be an easy yes or no. There are many factors that determine this. You should not be personally offended to know you live in a teardown, as it has no reflection on you.

Defining a home as a teardown has little to do with the age of the home or how dated the home improvements might be.

The phrase “teardown” might be quite unfamiliar in most places of our country and throughout the world, and far more common in prime residential areas of metropolitan cities with a shortage of land and a high density of wealthy and upper-middle-class people with specific needs.

Elite groups and wealthy people

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