Pulte Homes’ new MINE partnership allows homebuyers to easily shop stunning model interior design styles online

Known for its more than 70 years of dedication to building beautiful homes with the homeowner in mind, Pulte Homes, one of the nation’s most recognized and trusted brands in homebuilding, continues to provide innovative ways to enhance the homebuying experience. Through a recent, nationwide partnership with MINE, now anyone can decorate their home like a professional designer. Homeowners and visitors can shop nearly every piece of furnishing décor seen in Pulte’s beautiful model homes from throughout the country directly through their mobile device or desktop.

MINE is a user-friendly, online interior design service that showcases the furnishings and accessories within different model homes and places them all within a virtual one-stop shopping portal. When visiting a model at a PulteGroup brand community, homebuyers and visitors can simply scan a QR code with their smartphone that will direct them to the MINE website, www.AllMine.com/Pulte. As they explore the home, details

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Builder in Immokalee brings hope to new generation with designed homes

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – A young builder in Immokalee is hoping to make a difference in the community with beautifully designed homes. 

Allan Garcia, 25, said the homes are similar to ones you’re used to seeing in places like Naples or Cape Coral. His hope is to make the community proud, keep people there and bring new people to the area. 

“We’re changing Immokalee one house at a time,” Garcia said. “Housing is a big need here.” 

Completing these homes could take months.  

“Immokalee is beautiful, what it has to offer is limitless when you look at it from a different lens,” Garcia said. 

The one Garcia sees Immokalee through, is one of constant opportunity. Garcia and his father now own a contracting company called A&R of Southwest Florida building homes. 

“When we sell our homes it’s an accomplishment more, not only for me but for our community,” Garcia said. 

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Architect says these are the ‘flying homes’ of the future

The future awaits, and many have wondered what our planet will look like in the years to come.

Architect Chris Lawson might have the answer, at least when it comes to residences. For every environment, CK Architectural envisions the types of futuristic homes we could live in years down the road.

Specifically, Lawson lays out the floor plan for four different types of conditions: life on Mars, a life underwater, a life in the clouds and — gulp — an underground post-apocalyptic future.

With the help of real estate development company GoodMove and a 3-D designer, sketches of the homes created by Lawson have been brought to life. 

Each home is built and designed with materials and shapes to withstand the elements of its environment.

Scroll through to get an inside look into the future. 

Home on Mars

Mars home.
Mars home.

Although the Red Planet is outside of our grasp

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18 Homes to Rent by Famous Architects

I’ll say it: Vacationing is rad, but exhausting. I’d rather hole up at a one-of-a-kind house with my favorite (vaccinated) friends, whose faces I haven’t squished in far too long, than schlep around hotels. Don’t get me wrong—definitely excited to traipse the best kitschy roadside motels—but given the touch-and-go nature of COVID-19 travel guidelines, it also feels a little safer to lay low and live high in a house with more personality than I could ever hope to have. 

That’s where the home rental genies at Airbnb, Plum Guide (aka Airbnb’s highly aesthetic new competitor), and Vrbo come in with some heavy-hitter houses. We’re talking mid-century California estates worthy of Slim Aaron’s camera, and Brutalist masterpieces by Ricardo Bofill; upstate New York retreats that deserve their own Bond movie, and houses that could sub for Dakota Johnson’s legendary Architectural Digest home video tour

From Texas to

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