Transitional Design Is the Trending Home Style Taking Over 2022

Idea House 2020 Kitchen

Idea House 2020 Kitchen


When choosing a home design style, it can feel daunting to settle on just one. There’s no wrong answer, but perhaps too many that feel right. While it can be difficult to delicately combine a love for white walls and a fleeting penchant for bright patterned wallpaper, you can easily combine design styles—and there’s one such hybrid trend that has silently been taking over. In 2022, you’ll be hearing a lot about transitional design, which we like to call the “people pleaser,” in the best way.

It’s the home design style made for those who want both: contemporary and classic. It incorporates elements of both—imagine a traditional wooden farmhouse table paired with modern metal chairs (seen below)—making it ideal if you’re not sure if you want to commit to only one distinct style. In a way, you get to

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Home Designs Changes in 2022 – What Is Out of Style

Home design trends come and go. Styles that are all the rage eventually get overused and become outdated. We all know that sensation of style fatigue — you feel like you’ve seen the same thing over and over, and just want something new and fresh.

As we head into 2022, there are several trends that we’ll be saying goodbye to. In some cases, these trends have been slowly fading away for years because they’re impractical or difficult to maintain, while in other instances, the COVID-19 pandemic caused homeowners to embrace other options.

These are the interior design trends you should pack up and store away… at least until the cycle finds its way back around again.

modern and open kitchen with large glass windows

Kitchen trends that won’t be trendy in 2022

Avoid these design trends if you want to keep your kitchen from looking stuck in the past.

Faux finishes

Homeowners are looking for materials that

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Must have look and style to raise your home’s value

home improvement projects
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Your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Home design trends are constantly evolving, so what was popular today will probably be out of style tomorrow. If your home is not up to date with the latest home design trends, you can get started on renovating it right away.

This article has highlighted some home design trends you should consider when planning a home renovation or building your dream home from scratch. The right combination of styles can add value to your home and improve its resale price.

Minimalist home design

The minimalist home design is popular among home builders nowadays because of its simplicity, functionality,

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