Tips To Bring a Blueprint to Life

When you design your own home from the ground up, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. You get to choose the architectural style, the floor plan, and all the flourishes that make this place uniquely, well, you.

Sounds fun, right? It is, but figuring out what you want to build can also be incredibly intimidating. Before you start picking out tile and light fixtures, you need a plan.

In this final installment of our Guide To Building Your Own Home, we’ll help you focus on the joys—and potential pitfalls—of designing your space. We’ll show you where to get inspiration, how to narrow down your needs versus wants, ways to make trade-offs to stay on budget, and much more that will help your architectural plans come to life with as few hiccups as possible.

Where to get home design inspiration

You probably already have a picture

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Design tips for incorporating aging-in-place elements into your home

For many older homeowners, eliminating the need for stairs is an impetus to move into a home with one-level living. But Reineberg said in an email that a stair lift can be fully functional and comfortable while blending into the decor of the home.

Reineberg said homeowners need to consider these three elements when considering a stair lift:

1. Installation area: This will dictate the size of the stair lift you can install. While safety is the top priority, stair lifts today are much more compact than in the past.

2. Power options: There are several power options to make the stair lift less noticeable, such as swivel and folding seats and folding footrests.

3. Finishes and colors: Upgraded upholstery and colors give homeowners the ability to coordinate stair lifts with the rest of the home’s decor.

Six design-friendly options for aging in place

When considering other aging-in-place elements

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7 Easy Maximalist Decor Tips. The over-the-top, eclectic charm of design.

After a long stretch of subtle color palettes and understated furnishings, home design trends are shifting away from the minimalist decor that could sometimes feel stark or oversimplified for color schemes, furniture, and accessories that pack a punch. The over-the-top, eclectic charm of maximalist design is here to make its presence known and Sam Levitz Furniture has everything you need to make this funky, yet, elegant trend your own. Check out these easy tips to bring any room in your home to life with dramatic color choices, bold patterns, and an array of unexpected elements. 

One of the best ways to create an over-the-top maximalist space is by embracing pattern. Or better yet, multiple patterns–the louder the better. The trick to taking several patterns that don’t seemingly go together and combining them to make a room pop with visual intrigue is by starting with a relatively neutral palette. A

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