2022 home design colors, tile and other trends for the Pacific Northwest

Your once-makeshift home office is now probably all dialed in. Other upgrades made quickly to stay put during the coronavirus pandemic have also most likely been sorted out. Now it’s time for home improvements not decided in a hurry.

To inspire you, here are expected home design and renovation trends for 2022, as noted by designers with Neil Kelly, a design-build remodel and home improvement company that started in Portland seven decades ago.

Natural and Organic Style
The sculptural freestanding tub and reclaimed cedar wall paneling create a visual connection with nature in this master bathroom.

Design by Janel Campbell | Photo by Darius Kuzmickas/KuDa Photography

The sculptural freestanding tub and reclaimed cedar wall paneling create a visual connection with nature in this bathroom designed by Janel Campbell.Darius Kuzmickas/KuDa Photography

People who seek tranquil, clutter-free homes are incorporating shapes, colors and textures found in nature. Warmer browns, greens and blues, as well as curving lines, visually bring the outside in and that “can help people feel more grounded,” said Neil Kelly design director Barbara Miller.

Idea: A sculptural, freestanding tub

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Vintage Home Design Trends Making A Comeback in 2022

Whether it be fashion, music, or home design, all trends tend to repeat themselves in a cyclical way as the decades roll by. Even the design trends that you thought (or hoped) would disappear forever seem to make their way back into the mainstream eventually. Vintage design trends are back in a big way and will only continue to pick up steam as we enter 2022. Velvet, rattan, curved furniture, and even some colors that were popular in the ’70s are back and better than ever.

If you’ve been meaning to update your interior decor and are looking for something on trend, we’ve got you covered. The best part is, you don’t have to remodel the entire room to pull it off. Sprinkling in a few vintage pieces, colors, or materials will do the trick. Check out some of our favorites below.


If the thought of velvet furniture

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Parade of Homes to showcase 7 homes with latest design trends | Local News

Seven homes showcasing the latest design trends will be on display during the East Texas Builders Association’s Fall Parade of Homes.

Homes will be on display from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday and Nov. 12-14. Tickets are $10 per person and are valid for all six days of the Parade of Homes.

The annual Parade of Homes is an optimal way for people to see the latest home products and trends as well as meet the builders who created the houses.

“I think it’s a great place to get ideas and walk through some homes. For me, when I can walk through a home, I get a little better feel about the space, size and the layout. You get a better idea of how the home feels,” said Allison Goforth of Goforth Custom Builders. The business was founded by her husband, Tommy Goforth.

The Goforths have one

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Kitchen renovation trends 2021: Houzz survey findings

Houzz’s study found that almost all kitchen renovation projects — 94% — involved some work on cabinets and 63% replaced kitchen cabinets altogether. Some, however, chose to conduct partial kitchen updates. But of the 31% who did, 28% added at least a few cabinets, which is a quadruple increase from 2019.

ExploreHere are 2021′s interior design trends according to Atlanta experts

A drop in desires for open-concept

Spending more time at home with your loved ones can lead to an increase in the space you may want — or need — away from them. So while open-concept kitchen designs have been the norm for nearly half a century, according to Bob Vila, it’s now been pushed out of favor.

In 2021, 43% of people wanted an open concept compared to 53% in 2019. Homeowners who opened their kitchens to an outdoor space sat at 22%.

Consistent year-on-year kitchen

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