Custom Home Ideas Built with Summer in Mind 

Custom Home Ideas Built with Summer in Mind 

Discover special features that you can implement into your custom home design for this summer!

As spring begins to wind down, it will be summer here in Maryland before you know it. Summer is always an exciting time with sunshine and hot weather. Instead of traveling for a vacation for a complete experience, you could experience it right from one of our luxury homes. Here at Cedar Square Homes, we understand how to build custom homes that will allow homeowners to enjoy the beautiful season. Discover special features that you can implement into your custom home design when you decide to pick us to build your new luxury house. Read on to learn more!


Exceptional Dual Patios and Balcony Designs for The Summer

First, we build all of our homes with the very best craftsmanship. From the inside to the outside, homeowners can all expect the best

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SEO: How to Super Search with Advanced Operators

Google excels at understanding your intention when typing a query in the search box. Google’s ability is so advanced it’s often hard to force it to treat your query in the literal way you’ve typed it.

Thankfully, search operators can help narrow the results to what you’re looking for. Advanced search operators help identify and evaluate organic search opportunities and competitors. And combining operators can narrow the results even more.

In this post, I’ll address foundational and advanced SEO-driven operators. I’ll also provide examples of combining them.

Note that spacing and capitalization are essential in certain operators — pay close attention to formatting in the examples below. Remember, too, that the operators apply only to organic results. Other search sections — maps, images, pay-per-click ads — may not recognize your directions.

Foundational Search Operators in Google

Operator Description Example
OR This query signals that you want either one word or
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Best 10 Examples to Make Your Window Wells Look Awesome

If you have a basement, you are sure to know the importance of window wells. Along the way, our Experts have fulfilled the needs of many different customers, including home- or big property owners. We have assembled some inspiring before and after photos from our clients and their finished egress installations. Browse below our best ten examples to make your window well look awesome:

1.New grate cover in a sleek black powder coating. The window well top is in a custom shape in size 38×16 inches surrounded by stylish patio stones.

2. Well-fitted cover can be all you need. Above all, the basement covers are necessary for their functionality. To avoid filling their window well with debris, these homeowners choose a beautiful super slant cover made from crystal-clear glass-like polycarbonate with an aluminum frame size 66×47 inches. 


3. The renovation of the well below is remarkable. Simple white paint and

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Vikrant Massey & Sanya Malhotra Bring To You A Dark Love Story Enhanced By Shanker Raman’s Visual Brilliance

Love Hostel Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Vikrant Massey, Sanya Malhotra, Bobby Deol, and ensemble.

Director: Shanker Raman

Love Hostel Movie Review Out!
Love Hostel Movie Review Ft. Vikrant Massey & Sanya Malhotra(Photo Credit: Poster From Love Hostel)

What’s Good: It is unapologetically dark and there is no moment where tension doesn’t exist. Films being brave enough to not have clichéd gimmicks are welcomed.

What’s Bad: A rushed climax and Bobby Deol repetitively killing people even if they breathe does hamper things.

Loo Break: You might want to take it but also not feel like it. Love Hostel will make your stay actually.

Watch or Not?: Watch it. There is no reason to stop you.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Available On: Zee5

Runtime: Around 120 Minutes.

User Rating:

Two star-crossed lovers, Ahmed (Vikrant) and Jyoti (Sanya) elope and get married. But Jyoti’s influential family doesn’t approve of it. They hire a mercenary (Bobby) to kill

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