This 7 days, we give guidelines for trying to keep squirrels out of chicken feeders and putting in a new window. (Split image: sassy1902, Getty Illustrations or photos Signature and photovs, Getty Illustrations or photos Pro)

Hour 1

In Hour 1 of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast, we’re giving solutions for fixing patchy grass, assistance on putting in a new window and additional.

Rooting Out the Induce of a Patchy Lawn 

Patch of dead grass on a green lawn
A variety of things can cause patches of lifeless grass. (jcarrollimages, Getty Photographs Signature)

Tim Kehoe is stumped by what’s creating the brown patches on his garden. 

In the 30 a long time that he’s lived in northern Wisconsin, he’s weeded, seeded and fertilized his lawn diligently. But, about 5 or six years in the past, brown places began to surface in the course of his acre of garden. And a drought very last 12 months only exacerbated the problem.

Now, he suggests, about 40 per cent of his lawn is lined in dead spots that are an inch and a half deep. What can he do to get his eco-friendly grass back again?

Brown patchy places on a lawn can seem for a selection of good reasons. We suspect a mix of fungal condition and dry weather conditions situations is the cause of his brown patches.

It is also truly worth mentioning that when he’s seeded his property in the earlier, Tim didn’t use the same type of grass seed in the course of. So, due to the fact there are blended kinds of grass, some could possibly be far more resilient to drought and illnesses than others, which might be why not all of the grass is dying.

The only way to know for guaranteed if a fungal sickness is producing the brown patches is to deliver a soil sample to a lawn specialist or a nearby extension office. 

The moment you get the results, you can address the lawn thoroughly and start out replenishing the grass. Your possibilities incorporate reseeding, transplanting sod or planting sod plugs. Go with a creeping type of grass, like Bermuda or St. Augustine, so it will spread to address the bare places.   

For an in-depth seem at lawn fungal disorders, read through “How to Deal With Grass Fungal Health conditions on Your Lawn.”

​​Tips for Replacing a Window

Exact measurements are important for putting in a new window. (photovs, Getty Illustrations or photos Pro)

Mildred Smith’s partner ideas to exchange a window with a new vinyl a person that’s the same measurement. On the other hand, he’s not certain how to get the aged window out of the opening in the wall. 

“This is his very first main Do it yourself challenge — and I’m hoping he does not mess it up. Do you have any guidelines to share?” she asks.

The most critical detail to do is get the appropriate measurements for the window. The very last issue you want is to have a new window which is much too big or compact for the existing gap. 

Also, get some extra wood for framing changes. A few 2-by-4 or 1-by-4 boards will arrive in handy. 

When having out the old window, very carefully eliminate all the trim so you can reuse it. If you can see where by the nails are, use a nail punch to press them by the trim. Executing this can help to keep the trim from splitting. 

Now’s the time to make absolutely sure the window is correctly sealed and insulated. After the new window is in place, spray in some window and door expandable foam about the perimeter. Really do not use normal expanding foam because it can expand far too significantly and make the window bow.

If the framing enables it, pack in some extra insulation as nicely. Something you can do to insulate all over the window will make a massive big difference in your heating and cooling charges.

Next, apply a window membrane to the frame. This peel-and-adhere materials supplies a waterproof barrier among the window and the trim. 

Hour 2

In Hour 2, find out how to remove rust from a steel roof, preserve squirrels away from chook feeders and more.

Removing Rust from a Metal Roof

rusty metal roof
For a poorly rusted steel roof, test with the company for the greatest cure selection. (Natt Boonyatecha, Getty Images)

A caller tells us some of the panels on his six-12 months-aged steel roof are setting up to rust. He asks what can he do to eliminate the rust and stop it from coming back again. 

The majority of metallic roofs are established up to past 50 decades, so you should not have any rust this early on. The rust could be a outcome of a thing scratching the paint and exposing the steel. 

Usually verify with the manufacturer’s recommendation ahead of seeking to take away rust by yourself. Most roofing brands endorse oxalic acid to get rid of rust from steel roofs. Here’s how to do it:

  • Combine one particular portion oxali
    c acid to five parts h2o. You can also use vinegar, hydrochloric acid, citric acid or muriatic acid.
  • Spray the answer onto the rust places, and wipe it in with a rag employing a round motion. Never depart this alternative on for a lot more than 5 minutes. 
  • Rinse the remedy off as soon as the rust stain is gone. 

You can also use a pre-combined alternative like Evapo-Rust Protected Rust Remover.

As soon as the rust is long gone, primary and paint the metal roof according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avert it from returning.  

When performing on a roof, usually adhere to the appropriate security safety measures. Only get the job done in great weather conditions circumstances, use non-slip boots to prevent falls and usually use a ladder safely and securely.

Maintaining Squirrels Out of Hen Feeders

A inadequately placed hen feeder can grow to be a squirrel buffet. (sassy1902, Getty Photographs Signature)

Fatigued of squirrels thieving your hen foods? Listed here are some alternatives to prevent squirrels from raiding your chicken feeder, so you can get back again to chook observing.

If the squirrels are climbing up a pole, mix cayenne pepper and vaseline and coat the pole. The cayenne pepper’s strong, spicy odor will discourage the squirrels. Moreover, the slippery Vaseline will make it more difficult for the squirrels to climb the pole.

Yet another option for pole chook feeders is to set up a baffle to protect against rodents from climbing the pole, and put feeders exactly where rodents can’t get to them.

If you have a hanging bird feeder, spot a dome in excess of it. The squirrels can even now slide down the wire, but the dome will block them from achieving the hen foods. 

If all else fails, give the squirrels a decoy. Set out a 2nd feeder with nuts or corn just for squirrels which is straightforward for them to attain. By accomplishing this, you can have the very best of the two worlds — watching the antics of squirrels though nevertheless getting equipped to take pleasure in the birds at the similar time.

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Easy Methods

Use a pair of bar clamps to hold wood parts continual. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

Bar-Clamp Assembly Suggestion — When you will need an excess hand to maintain a workpiece in area, reach for a pair of bar clamps.

Simply just tighten one clamp onto the bottom, end of the piece, earning positive the bars of the clamps deal with in opposite direction.

The clamps will maintain the piece upright, releasing your hands to continue with the assembly. 

Enjoy: How to Use Bar Clamps to Regular Woodworking Projects

spade bit and grass and dirt
When planting, use a spade bit to electrical power via tree roots. (image illustration: MCCheatham, Getty Illustrations or photos Signature, and karimitsu, Getty Images)

Spade-Little bit Planting Resource — Here’s a swift, straightforward way to plant tiny bulbs and seedlings.

Use an extended-length spade bit, which is 16 in. extended, and a cordless drill to bore planting holes into the soil.

And if you hit a root, the spade bit will bore right by it.

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