Having the right tools for the right job is important. When you want to get your property demolished, choosing the right residential demolition contractors is the first step to a successful demolition.

Likewise, choosing the right tools and equipment for the residential demolition can affect the results and time taken, drastically. More than this, there are chances that the contractors and people around are subjected to risk due to incorrect use of tools.

Some of the most common tools for residential demolition are listed below.

  1. Pry Bars:
  • All the demolition jobs require a crowbar
  • Hence, a residential demolition contractor will always be seen carrying a crowbar
  • If a crowbar is placed well, it can safely pry most of the nailed woods
  • Due to crowbar, picking up tiles and wood flooring can be easy and smooth
  • Stubborn nails can be easily removed with the help of a crowbar
  • These come in all sizes but it is important to determine which size is suitable for the job
  • It is very lightweight and durable
  1. Hammers:
  • Hammer is the most crucial tool for any Demolition work
  • Hammers have an array of options that are available in the market
  • Claw hammers can easily replace crowbars in order to perform simple and easy tasks like removing buried nails
  • The next step is the heavy, sledgehammer
  • It is mostly used for stubborn tasks

      3.  San Angelo Bar:

  • It is like a spear and it is very heavy
  • These are probably seen in hardware stores 
  • This high-carbon hexagonal javelin like bar and is a heavy hitter
  • Stubborn floor tiles and busting concrete
  • This tool is definitely not used for any delicate jobs because of its heavyweight

      4.   Screwdrivers:

  • Not all residential demolition require huge and large equipment
  • Sometimes, serious damage can be done to gas and water pipes because of the unnecessary use of big tools
  • Taking down electrical switches is one of the initial steps to residential demolition
  • Hence, screwdrivers are always good for taking up small pieces of wood flooring when removing the entire floor is not required
  • One can buy a long flat head, and a standard-sized flathead if you are not removing the entire floor
  • Screwdrivers are very lightweight and easily accessible

      5.   Nail puller:

  • A nail puller will help you to remove all stuck and stubborn nails with ease
  • In this way, with their help, one can minimize the risk of damage to the material the nail is stuck in
  • Many residential demolition contractors use nail pullers on a wide basis

      6.  Demolition Fork:

  • Demolition forks are extremely useful as they have fangs that can slide underneath old flooring with ease
  • The long handle can be used as a lever to pry the materials apart

The above mentioned are some of the Ammon tools for residential demolition. All you have to do is choose an excellent residential demolition contractor that has the knowledge of using the right tools for the right kind of work.