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After the pandemic kept us inside our houses, redecorating our homes to suit our needs has evolved as a big consumer necessity. As the world became more chaotic, people began to appreciate the importance of a beautifully furnished house that welcomes and soothes us. To help you get the most out of your home, let’s go through a few of the interior decoration ideas below.

Add New Lighting Features

Contemporary living room interior with a grey comfy sofa
Photo by Sajal Bhatnagar on Unsplash

A space can come alive with the right lighting. A space that is dimly lit seems tiny, gloomy, and claustrophobic, whereas a place that is nicely illuminated feels spacious, fresh, and welcoming. There are many different ways to use lighting to enhance any environment and getting a pair of floor lamps and tabletop lights for your house is one of the simplest solutions. If you’re feeling daring, you could swap out any antiquated light fittings in your ceiling with a few gorgeous contemporary pieces that you can find online or at your local lighting shop.

Remember that if you do any electrical work in your home, you need to ensure it is up to Domestic EICR standards. Remember to choose a reputable company that offers Domestic and Commercial EICR/Fixed Wire Testing and who will be able to answer any general EICR queries you may have. A domestic EICR report by Hexo Electrical Testing will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe from electrical faults.

Use Open Shelving

Open shelving has recently become a massive trend that has swept the design industry. Cabinetry has been abandoned by interior designers in favour of open shelves, which give a room more aesthetic value and appeal. This adaptable element should be ideal for your space, whether you’re searching for a useful storage solution or wish to exhibit your exquisite ornaments and allow them to be a component of your décor. Be careful since poorly styled open shelves might seem a little crowded and chaotic.

Add Depth

Bold and vibrant maximalist style home interior design scheme
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A solid secret is to add some depth to the items and ornaments you display in order for your shelves to appear like a well-organised selection instead of a mix of a handful of items thrown together. To compose your pieces in a more aesthetically pleasing manner, use decor of various sizes and shapes. Remember that odd sets of numbers are the most visually effective, so combine three or five elements together for the best visual effect. Dark hues are a great way to give a room more dimension. Contrasting hues of colour may enhance a space’s new, fresh vibe by effectively separating elements and furniture around your home and defining separate spaces.

Update Your Curtains & Blinds

There are more options for window treatments today than ever before. They are one of the most significant aesthetic elements in a room, providing security and helping to filter light and noise from outside. Using blinds, you can adjust the amount of sunlight that comes into the space. For instance, panelled Venetian Blinds screen out harmful UV rays while providing exactly the right amount of brightness for daily tasks. Blinds could also be designed to order, so you can add fittings that match the precise window measurements.

The curtains in a room can give it an air of richness, and because they are customizable, you could accent the space inside as much as you like. Consider the countless material and pattern choices that are available nowadays. Plus, the setup process is really fast and simple since you only hang them to cover the border of the window.

Add a Fresh Living Wall to a Room

Keen to have plants in your home? Discover which plants work best in your home and make your environment a greener living space
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Living walls, which can be found in almost any shape and size, are often installed on the inner walls of structures. They provide a revitalising green environment that serves as organic artwork while delivering the blessings of nature right into your household. Over the past ten years, living walls have grown in popularity and are particularly widespread in exotic houses and apartment complexes.

There are several solutions available for installing or suspending a living wall in your house. You could purchase a prefabricated frame constructed of aluminium or treated wood and lined with fabric compartments or another sturdy medium that will hold the soil. Or you could construct your own structure to fit a particular space you have. Once the frame is in place, fill the pockets with the soil and plants of your choosing and then watch them flourish within your home.

You should now realise the power of improving the interiors of even the most modest of homes. From interior decorations to lighting fixtures to fresh windows, it’s all possible to do yourself, but don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you feel like you’re in over your head. Use these decorating suggestions for your house to create a stunning living area that you can call your own.


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