What the Roofers Will Do During Your Roof Installation

Asphalt shingles being installed on a roof

So you’re about to have your roof replaced, that’s exciting! You might be curious what will happen during the actual process of your replacement. The roofing company will take several steps to get the roof replacement completed in a timely, professional manner. 

Here’s what you can expect when a pro roofer (like us!) gives your home the makeover it needs.

1. Set Up Workstations 

The roofers will need easy access to your roof and clear spaces to work from. So, expect them to set up tools and work areas. If you have preferences for where they do this, let the foreman or project manager know ahead of time.

2. Remove Old Roofing 

Before the workers can install new roofing, they must first remove the old roof shingles and flashing. They may create piles of debris on your lawn first, then cart them to the dumpster. They may also toss the debris over the side of the roof (so be careful if you’re walking outside your home).

They’ll also temporarily remove items such as satellite dishes and antennas. This may disrupt TV viewing, but the workers will reinstall everything once the replacement process is completed. 

3. Make Repairs 

Once the old roofing is removed, it becomes easier to spot issues such as rotted wood underlayment or damaged roof support beams. These issues usually occur when your old roofing wasn’t keeping out moisture from rain and snow. If damage is found, repairs need to be made before the new roof is installed, or the damage will simply grow worse, putting your home at risk.

4. Install New Materials 

The final installation step atop the roof is to attach all the new materials. A trustworthy, pro roofer (like our team!) will attend to all the details—not just roof shingles, but also roof vents, flashing around the chimney, a roof ridge cap, and more. They will also check the new roof to be sure everything is securely in place before leaving.

5. Clean The Worksite 

Finally, the worksite—your lawn and driveway—are checked one final time to be sure all debris has been safely placed in the dumpster and/or hauled away. We’ll use special tools to pick up stray nails and staples from your landscaping.

Enjoy Your New Roof! 

Now, your roofing installation is finished—and you can relax and love the attractive, energy-efficient protection your new roof provides for your home.

Upgrade Your Roof With John Mccarter Construction   

The right new roof keeps your home protected, adds curb appeal, and gives you years of low-maintenance and long-lasting enjoyment. Our team at John McCarter Construction has helped over 10,000 Detroit Metro, Ann Arbor, and Rochester Hills homeowners love their homes again, and we’re here to answer your questions about the best roofing to fit your home.

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