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Have you contemplated for too long about having a fence installed around your property? Are you tired of not having enough privacy? Had enough of those small animals coming in and out of your property? Have you always wanted the allure and sophistication that wood fences can bring? Then maybe it is time you find a wood fence contractor in New Orleans to help you!

You would not run out of options for hiring a fence contractor. Looking for companies would not even be a problem today. Just look up the words “wood fence installers near me” online and you would find contractors you can contact for their services. If you are looking to have quality wood fences installed for you, then you need a contractor that can deliver just that.

What can you expect from a company that builds fences and other fencing needs? You need to know what questions to ask a wood fence company.

In The Know: Questions To Ask When Choosing A Fence Company

Looking for the right wood fence contractor for you should be an easy job. After asking around some of your family and friends for their recommendations, you would need to talk to prospect contractors. Asking the right questions will help lead you to a quality fencing company.  Take note of these questions so you will be ready once you are in need of wood fence builders.

1. How Long Has The Contractor Been in The Wood Fence Building Business?

Unless you know the contractor personally, then you can skip this question. You would ideally want a wood fence builder that has a good track record and has been in business for about 5 years. You can narrow down options by searching for them online and looking at client reviews.

2. Are they licensed to operate in New Orleans?

This question should be asked no matter what. If you end up working with a wood fence contractor in New Orleans that’s not licensed, you can be put at risk. One danger of a contractor without a license is that you can be left responsible for any bad work. If any accidents or injuries are to happen while they are working on your property, you could be liable as well.

3. Are They Insured?

A fence contractor that you can trust needs to have a general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. General liability insurance helps to protect your property against any damage. Any incurred damages, either by the contractor or the company employees, should be covered by their insurance company. On any event of injuries or accidents in the company’s workers, the workers’ compensation insurance should cover any damage. Look for documentation of the company’s insurance coverage. Ensure that their policies are all updated. If possible, make copies before you sign any contract.

4. Will They Take Care of Any Permits?

Once you have identified any permits needed for your fencing job, you can ask the contractors about permits. This will be an important reason for getting permits because you might need it if your homeowner’s insurance may not cover any accidental damages without it. You can also consult with your insurance agent about your insurance coverage. You can also collect any requirements like permits required for your current insurance.

5. Will Contractors Check Utility Lines?

Before they would start any work on your fencing, contractors should be aware of where utility lines run in your property. They should be able to contact local utility companies to locate underground gas, water and power lines. These services should be free, as these can be provided by utility providers.

6. What Warranties Would They Offer?

Before making any final decisions with a contractor, ask about their offered warranties. Most fencing companies can offer a two to five year warranty after the installation. Warranties can also depend on the materials that you use for your fence.

7. How Long Will The Job Take?

Any fence job timeline should be discussed between you and the contractor. You can ask the contractor about the fastest time they can finish the job. You can also verify about when the fencing installation will start. Make sure that you know how long the quote will last for the installation.