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A quick shower or a luxurious bath? There is a never-ending debate on which is better than the other. If you are a shower person and want to save space, a corner shower is a good choice. 

But if you like to take a soak in the tub after a busy day, the bathtub is the right choice. Both bathing options have their advantages and drawbacks. Here is a more detailed perspective on the two methods and the latest trends in them.

Advantages of having a bathtub

Luxury bathroom with freestanding bathtub and black taps
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Soaking in a bathtub offers many benefits. Here are a few important perks:

  • Relaxes your joints and muscles providing a therapeutic effect. It can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics and burns calories just as in exercising.
  • Helps in increasing blood circulation while a cold bath provides relief from hives, rashes, and allergic skin conditions.
  • Improves sleep quality.

However, there are drawbacks like space limitation, high water consumption, and dryness of the skin that have to be considered. For conserving water, you can go for bathtubs with small water capacity and use a moisturizer to avoid dryness of skin. As for the lack of available space, there are ways around it too.

Why space restriction is not an issue now

A bathtub requires more space. But with the modern bathtubs available now you can install the baths even in limited spaces. A shower corner bath helps satisfy your need for a shower and bath. You can find good online deals on shower corner baths avoiding spending excessively on the baths. Online retailers like LettaLondon offer a wide range of modern and traditional luxury products at competitive prices. 

Different corner bath styles 

Corner baths are space-saving as they are compact in design but have sufficient space for a luxurious soak. You can find different types of corner baths like

  • Corner bath with a seat that helps you relax after a busy work day in comfort.
  • A shower unit attached to the bath is another trendy addition that is popular now. 
  • Corner baths with jacuzzi come with button-controlled jets.

Is a shower better for you?

Contemporary bathroom with large walk in shower
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In contrast to a bath that makes your skin dry and removes natural oils from it, a shower provides a soothing effect. It can reduce discomfort caused by itching in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

A shower is also a stress-buster and protects the skin from aging. But a prolonged hot shower can cause redness and chapping of the skin. It can damage the keratin layer and good bacteria. 

A bath and a shower each have their pros and cons. You can choose what is best for you based on your health condition. The space, type, and style you are looking for also play a vital role.

Different types of showers 

You can find numerous options when you shop for a shower. The style, design, and type influence the options present.  

A prefabricated shower is a preconceived design. It is economic and easy to install but it is plain and unimaginative.  For a more customized option, you can opt for the custom shower that is built to fit in your bathroom. But these are expensive. 

The showers also differ based on the type of mixer used in them. You can find manual mixers, thermostatic mixers, and electric types.

Based on the style and shape of the shower cubicle you can find types like quadrant, curved, and corner enclosure types.

The tub-shower combo has a tub and shower in it and is chosen to save space.

Shower ideas to consider

A corner shower is preferred by many homeowners as it uses space efficiently. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of a shower, avoid focusing more on storage designs than on the shower space. 

  • Whether it is a big or small shower, concentrate on making the shower the main product in the bathroom. This approach will still ensure you have more space and you get to enjoy a relaxing shower in comfort.
  • Doors for showers take up too much precious space. Consider doing away with the door. You can have more space. Further, there are plenty of doorless shower designs available online to choose from.
  • With a corner shower, you can do away with the curtains.
  • The corner design allows for all types of shapes including square, pentagonal, curved quadrant, and more.

Final thoughts

While the underlying purpose is the same in a bath and a shower, the different varieties, styles, sizes, and more can be daunting. Choosing from the available models can be an issue as each of them will have some or other vital functions. However, the bathroom space you have, your style preferences, and your budget are the main influencing factors.

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