Having an attractive and healthy yard can be a challenging task to achieve and maintain. Aside from plants that look good and can thrive in your lawn, you must have a design that is as functional as it is beautiful. After all, a yard without the right support won’t last very long.

Proper landscape drainage And Irrigation

Proper landscape drainage and irrigation can be hard to accomplish, especially in a flat region like New Orleans. We don’t have the large hilly areas that help with landscape drainage. Because of this, we have to consider how water will drain for each project. One yard may drain in a completely different way from a neighboring yard. Because there are so many varying needs for landscape drainage, there are also many different ways to drain your yard like hiring reliable landscape drainage contractors in New Orleans.

Ditch and Slope Drains 

By digging slopes and ditches into the perimeter of yards, homeowners can create a simple and effective way for their yards to drain. These landscape drainage systems can also be landscaped over to create a seamless and beautiful lawn.

  • French Drains. These drains are nearly perforated drain pipes that run under grass, flowerbeds, or other landscaping types to create a hidden landscape drainage system for the entire yard.
  • Channel Drains. Usually located between buildings or other structures like decks, channel drains are an effective way to drain water from nearly any area. For channel drains, water typically goes through a grate before it enters the pipe system.
  • Deck Drains. Because they have decorative covers made of metal, stone, or some other material, deck drains are very popular with homeowners concerned with their lawns’ overall look.
  • Catch Drains. These drains are attached to a home’s gutter system, which carries the water from the gutters to a basin and then into an underground landscape drainage system. The longer route means that water will have a smaller chance of reaching the home’s foundation.

Landscape drainage systems are an integral facet to any home or lawn’s overall stability. If your lawn could benefit from landscaping landscape drainage, give us a call today.

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Wet spots in your yard are a nuisance and an eyesore. The grass will die if it’s underwater for too long. You can’t mow over wet areas, and everyone tracks mud into the house. If the damp area is close to your home, it can cause your basement to leak.

Common landscape drainage Problem

Downspout landscape drainage: Your house rain gutters collect water falling over the entire roof and deposit it at concentrated locations. This water can cause damage when it contains basement walls, crawl spaces, or other structural elements. We can install an appropriate landscape drainage system to move this water away from your house.

Low Spots or Yard landscape drainage Issues: Muddy areas in the landscape can kill your plant and your grass. French drains or landscape drainage basins can capture and collect this water to create your whole landscape beautifully and usable.

Runoff from Slopes: Water flows to the lowest areas. Landscape drainage problems can occur when neighbors direct their landscape drainage water to your lower-lying property. We can install a landscape drainage system to collect and pipe this water away from your property before it causes your landscape or home problems.