tea lounge soar design studio 7

Organic materials dominate the restoration of an historical building in this contemporary design project. A modern space, for a traditional Tea Lounge, composed with charm, attention to the spirit and detail of the place and sprinkled with creative industrial edge.

tea lounge soar design studio 7

Raw materials and geometrical shapes entwine in this tea house experience like a tango between rural past and industrial presence. The future is represented by the green of living floral elements and organic details embedded in the architectural composition. This design creation – the Zhao Zhao Tea Lounge by Soar Design Studio is located in Taichung City, Taiwan.

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The tea house main space is predominantly gray and cubic, thus presenting us with inspiring, minimalist and simple base. The metal spiral of an staircase give a taste of dynamics and industrial future, and the occasional plant or Zen stone accents give us a curvier ,more organic read to the historical past of the tea tradition and space. Intriguing décor details from the traditional preparation of tea, exquisite and simplistic tea wear elements give that earthly romantic idea. This connection to earth and traditions sits so aesthetically with the more urban, modern design ideas of the spaces composition.

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The Tea House beautiful space décor idea successfully entwines the elegant simplicity of the organic past with the more dynamic boldness of the modern urban /industrial design. Craftsmanship décor elements ( like the white lanterns, illuminating the night ambiance of the place). The old tradition components of the design coexist with metal and concrete structures of bar countertops and railway (which doubles as sitting bench – we imagine – not super comfy).

tea lounge soar design studio 9

The spiral metal mash of the staircase sculptural presences connects past and future,  and the different levels of the tea house experience. Exposed brick walls alternate with beautiful wooden elements, smooth new surfaces and inner gardens coexists behind the linen curtains offering a glimpse of tranquility and introspection. Photographs: Hey! Cheese

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