Norm Architects Creates a Spa-Like Dental Clinic – Azure Magazine

Anyone filled with a sense of dread by upcoming teeth cleanings will be happy to learn that a new generation of clinics is looking to help. The team at Antwerp’s Dentology+ recently set out to reframe oral hygiene as a form of self-care, banishing memories of anxious trips to sterile environments by enlisting the “soft minimalism” specialists at Copenhagen studio Norm Architects. “We like things simple, but not so minimal that they become cold and uninviting,” explains Norm Architects partner Sofie Thorning. Here, her firm’s approach sees pared-back rooms enriched by tactile flourishes selected for their calming and comforting properties.

norm architects minimal dentist antwerp
norm architects minimal dentist clinic bathroom antwerp

The clinic’s two floors express distinct but overlapping identities. The…

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A Guide To Flat Roofs: What You Need To Know

Flat roofs have various benefits above pitched roofs. They are faster and more affordable to construct, and the resources necessary charge a great deal less as well. 

They are also a far more modern and successful design and style than conventional roofs and can be applied to develop more inner house on a residence or to include a ‘green roof’ on a new establish or current making. If you are a Do it yourself fanatic hunting to maintain an existing flat roof or assemble a new just one, then there are some factors you must know ahead of commencing the work.

Coverings on Flat Roofs

The most essential ingredient of any flat roof is its covering. It has a whole lot of get the job done to do, and if it fails to continue to keep the framework dry and leak-free, the rest of the roof fails too. Having the

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5 Renovations That Can Add Value to Your Home

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Christan Bosley, president of Bosley Serious Estate, shares her professional guidance on the 2022 updates that will enable maximize your home worth and get you the most funds when it’s time to market.

Your house is a person of your most effective investments, so it’s significant to make intelligent selections for its upcoming. Even though it is typical expertise that a kitchen and toilet rework can add value, there are other styles of updates that can make your dwelling stand out — specifically when it arrives time for resale. Below are some insider recommendations to enable improve your investment.

1. Improve Your Entrance Hall or Mudroom

A front hall is the initial detail people see when they enter the home, so it must have instant enchantment. No matter whether it is a front hall or a mudroom, intensify business and model. Possible potential buyers will take pleasure in

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7 Tips for Creating a Timeless Modern

Open home with mid century modern interior design

Uncluttered sleek lines and an understated appearance are making a decidedly welcome comeback. In fact, sumptuous mid-century interior design only took a short break in the late 20th century before bouncing back as a favorite. So, what keeps us going back for more? These no-fuss, functional designs deliver an unrivaled timelessness and nostalgia that are hard to say no to. Read on for our best tips to achieve the mid-century modern look as we dive into this style which is here to stay.

1. Understand its Origins: What is Mid-Century Interior Design?

Luxe and retro mid century modern interior design lounge with glossy surfaces

Living room retro modern interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.

Mid-century interior design marks an architectural and artistic era that spanned from the 1930s to the 1960s. It also forms part of the ultimate aesthetic cleanse, modern design. Modernism took shape as a reaction to the overly ornate and formal trends of the 1800s. By

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