Deals on vacuums, air purifi

Nobody makes home products quite as amazing (or as expensive) as Dyson. The design and engineering powerhouse has brought us a delightfully light but effective vacuum series, the most high-tech air purifiers with cooling, heating, and humidifying on the market, and a beautiful, circadian rhythm regulating set of lamps. But if Dyson is famous for its undeniably well-thought products, it’s just as well-known for the prices they ask for them. Luckily, it’s shopping season, and Dyson is going big on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and pre-Christmas sales.

The secret to getting a discount on a Dyson is checking the Deals section of the company’s website. Beginning on Black Friday and running right up until Christmas, Dyson will be running both price discounts and gifts with purchase. Some notable deals to look out for:

[Photo: courtesy Dyson]

Air purifiers
We waxed poetic about Dyson’s air purifiers back in September,

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