A Retreat in the Mountains of Central Mexico Sources 100% of Its Water From the Sky

Venture Specifics:

Locale: Temascaltepec, Mexico

Architect: Robert Hutchison Architecture & JSa

Common Contractor: Mic Mac Estructuras

Structural Engineer: Bykonen Carter Quinn

Mechanical Engineer: Taller AF

Landscape Architect: Helene Carlo

Wooden Building & Fabrication: MicMac Estructuras

Steel Development & Fabrication: Rhometal

Drinking water Systems Guide: Miguel Nieto

Solar Techniques Advisor: Teoatonalli

Kitchen area Advisor: Piacere

Images: Benedikt Fahlbusch, César Béjar, Jaime Navarro & Robert Hutchison

From the Architect: This selection of little structures in the mountains two several hours west of Mexico Metropolis incorporates permaculture principles to build a holistic, integrated marriage involving men and women and area. The retreat is composed of a principal residence, a detached artwork studio, and a bathhouse. Rain Harvest Home’s trio of properties every single acquire rainwater to combine with an higher than- and below-floor reservoir procedure that purifies and merchants rainwater to source 100% of the home’s h2o 12 months-round.


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30 Inspiring Butler’s and Kitchen Pantries, Old and New



Hi Everyone, this is part II about butlers and kitchen pantries. If you missed part I, which focused on the Victorian butler’s pantries in the Back Bay section of Boston, please go here.

This post is where I’m sharing some of my favorite butler’s and kitchen pantries from Victorian times to the present day.

Many of today’s butler’s pantries are like mini kitchens. In fact, if they added a range, many of them aren’t significantly different than a galley kitchen. However, a pantry doesn’t need to be a galley or even a walk-in situation.


Okay, let’s first look at some beautiful Victorian-era butler’s pantries.


While most of these are in the northeast, none are in Boston.

As we discussed in the last post, the butler’s pantries were where the final preparations were made before the meal was served.

After much research of the old 19th and early 20th-century butler’s pantries,

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An Exclusive Guide to Rattan Chandelier

For your fashionable house, we have a decided on variety of driftwood décor, furniture, and lights add-ons. Our distinct approach to sustainability and the surroundings has resulted in a large assortment of tasteful and fashionable refurbished, recovered, and recycled products. Our inventory characteristics large-excellent, exquisite, hand-crafted, or artisan-made objects in industrial, farmhouse, rustic, and antique types equipped from lots of nations. We sell nicely-regarded manufacturers.

Are you exploring for a striking object with a normal physical appearance and feel to consist of in your residence? Then a braided fluorescent light-weight may possibly be just what you are hunting for. They’re stylish and famed and speedy getting to be a house preferred. They occur in numerous types and are guaranteed to seize the eye when strung from one’s ceiling. We’ve explored 5 of the finest or major-top quality light fixtures or rattan chandelier available at our internet site in our record.

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How to boost your home’s value by £100K

For insights on the biggest trends in renovation and home improvement, take a look at the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report 2022

Whether you’re looking to sell, or you’re just keen to update your home, we’ve discovered this year’s biggest home improvement trends and how much value they can add to your home. 

We analysed 800,000 home improvement jobs posted on Rated People – from new kitchens to loft conversions and painting, and dived into TikTok, Instagram and Google data to uncover 2022’s top trends.

We then spoke to thousands of potential homebuyers about which adaptations and design features they’re looking for the most from their next home and how much extra they’d be willing to pay for each one.  

Our research shows if you implemented all 20 of this year’s biggest home improvement trends on TikTok and Instagram, you could increase the value of your home by £105,000!

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