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Let’s face it– home selling is not the easiest thing in the world. But it gets simpler when you know whom to sell your home with! Between cash house buyers and real estate agents, it can be difficult to know whom to trust. On one hand, how do you know that a company is going to have your home’s best interests at heart– but on the other hand, how does one overpaid person ensure that you get the best money out of your sale? Cash house buyers are a good fit for your home, but sometimes people prefer realtors. Which is going to get you the best deal? Here are the pros and cons of selling with cash house buyers and real estate agents.

Selling With Cash House Buyers

Selling with a cash buyer is a guaranteed great way to sell your property quickly, easily, and for a good sum of money. Cash buyers already have the money they need to sell your home, which means that they do not have to hassle with mortgage lenders or any other type of loan to financially afford your property. This also means they purchase homes in as-is condition, without expensive repairs or renovations. They have the money to fix it themselves, and that means that you can move with less cost and less difficulty! Cash house buyers also come with the added perk of a guaranteed sale, which means that you will never get almost to the contract and then learn that your buyer was never actually serious. Cash house buyers will purchase your home for market price, and ensure that your home sale follows your schedule, not theirs. Unlike realtors, who often overprice homes for a greater profit, cash house buyers will make sure to give you exactly what your home is worth. Overall, cash home buyers are some of the best people to sell with on the market– but they are not the be-all, end-all of home selling.

Selling With A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are often what people think of first when looking to sell a home. They are the quintessential method, but that does not mean that real estate agents are perfect for every sale. If you need to move quickly or have a house that needs a lot of repairs before it goes on the market, a real estate agent is the polar opposite of ‘right for your home’. Real estate agents will force you to make costly repairs and renovations, all in the name of increasing the price of your home. What they do not tell you, though, is that those repairs and renovations can cost a significant chunk of your savings, and oftentimes they do not make the price of the home go up very much. Even worse, real estate agents are paid on commission, which means that they get a chunk of your final profits. Sometimes, to get a higher commission, a real estate agent will purposely overprice your home, making it more difficult to sell. This can slow down your sale and make it harder for the buyer to sell the property again later. While real estate agents can make you a lot of money off of your home, you also have to pay a lot for those benefits– and that means that they are not always the right choice for your home.

How Do I Sell My Property?

Whether you sell with cash house buyers or a real estate agent, it can be tough to make the big decisions when selling your home. Cash home buyers are quick, easy, and buy in as-is condition, meaning that you do not need to do anything to your home before selling it. Realtors can get you more money for your home, but you also have to pay for repairs, renovations, listings, and more. Realtors are expensive, but if you have the money, they are a perfectly viable route. In the meantime, though, cash house buyers give you good money for what you have got now, without having to spend any more on commissions, staging, or photography prices. Cash buyers are a great way to sell your house, and might just be the right choice for your property.

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