Beautiful kitchen windows in a modern home

Beautiful kitchen windows in a modern home

For many homeowners, the windows in their kitchen are an afterthought — but they shouldn’t be. Even small windows can bring in bright natural lighting and create warmth to make your kitchen welcoming. But to get that inviting, refreshing feel, you need to treat those windows right and make good design decisions to help them give you their best performance.

Get the most life, functionality, and beauty out of your kitchen windows with these helpful, creative tips for window treatments, designs, and replacement window options.

Decorative Ways to Accent an Existing Kitchen Window 

To get the most usage out of your windows, think about how that window functions in your kitchen. Consider what goals you’d like to achieve in that space too.

  • Do you want the room to bring in additional light?
  • Does the space need greater privacy?
  • Could decorative flair help the window stand out?
  • Would the room benefit from a pop of color?
  • Are you trying to keep a small area attractive and tidy?

Based on what you want to accomplish, consider these suggestions and get creative! After all, kitchens get a lot of use, and they can be easily overlooked. But with just a little effort, yours can stand out and be beautiful and unique.

Choose a Pretty Window Film 

Whether you want to keep a small space lean and mean, or you don’t want the hassle of cleaning window treatments, a decorative film is an excellent option. These films come in many looks and are simple to install as a cover over your kitchen glass.

Pick a Cool Pattern 

To give your kitchen added personality, look for curtains or shades with attractive patterns that complement or contrast your color scheme. The intriguing design will catch the eye of guests, and make your space stand out.

Keep It Simple 

If your space has a lot of visual interest, keep your window decor simple. White or off-white Venetian blinds are easy to install and won’t distract visitors from that amazing butcher block or granite bar area you invested in.

Stay Cool with Shutters 

A simple yet elegant solution, window shutters do a great job of keeping out or letting in light, and they are a step up from blinds. They’ll add a touch of class to any room.

Get Creative with Materials 

There are so many different types of window treatments—and that includes the materials they’re made of. Don’t be afraid to branch out from traditional vinyl blinds to go with different fabrics, woods, and even metal mesh. The texture can create a nice contrast to the rest of your kitchen.

Maximize Natural Lighting 

Make sure your kitchen window brings in as much light as possible. Window treatments that don’t use up precious glass space are a must. See-through fabrics or a simple frosted film allow light to enter while allowing for some privacy.

Install a Screen 

Enjoying fresh air in your kitchen is wonderful—especially to get rid of intense cooking odors. Bring in better ventilation while keeping out bugs by adding a new window screen.

Invest in Attractive, Practical Décor 

Avoid a cluttered windowsill by using decorative tools that create a clean, neat appearance. For example, buy a sleek container to hold (and hide!) your sink sponge, along with a matching dish soap dispenser. (Why not browse Pinterest and online magazines for ideas?)

Be Strategic When Replacing a Kitchen Window 

If your current kitchen window isn’t up to snuff, or if it can’t do what you want it to, it’s worth investing in a brand-new one. There are so many choices with today’s modern windows (especially Pella®, our favorite brand to install!). 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for making your new windows add life and style to your kitchen.

Go Big 

Since older kitchens are notorious for being darker than many other parts of a house, when you remodel, address that. Get the largest window you can for your layout. This will bring in greater natural light, make it more pleasant to look outside as you eat with friends and family, and add a sense of space to the coziest of kitchens.

Highlight the Window 

Your window doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Intentionally choosing the design is a great way to give your kitchen a unique sense of style. A few ways to do that are:

  • Install an arched window for charm and warmth.
  • Add a grand picture window for great views.
  • Choose eye-catching accents such as diamond panes or grilles for added visual interest.

Get Bold with Custom Trim 

White windowsills and trim are traditional and simple, but today’s windows offer so many choices. Pella® Windows, in particular, have some great options! Create a custom look with:

  • Dramatic, dark hues that look ultra-fresh
  • Rich wood trim that contrasts contemporary steel fixtures
  • Industrial black steel fixtures that create a modern feel

Think Outside the Box 

Who says your kitchen window has to go over the sink? If you’re doing a total renovation, think about adding a floor-to-ceiling window on a different wall. Or install a glass door with a transom or stained glass window above it for an unforgettable style.

Be Proud of Your Home’s Windows   

Is your home ready for a makeover? You’ll be delighted with how Pella windows can transform your kitchen—and your entire house. And as a Pella Platinum Elite Certified Contractor, we’re specifically trained to properly install these premium windows to give you maximum performance.

Whether you want just one or two new windows or a whole new look for your house, the friendly team members at John McCarter Construction are ready to assist you. Contact us to learn more about choosing the perfect windows to grace your home.

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