How to Create Reusable Code In JavaScript Using Design Patterns

If you ever want to create reusable JavaScript code or collaborate with a team of developers, then you need to know how to use and identify the different design patterns in the language.

In JavaScript, the term design pattern refers to a specific way of writing code and is often thought of as a programming template. The interesting thing is that the label “design pattern” can be applied to anything from an entire application to a simple block of code.

Design pattern is a broad topic, but by understanding the module pattern and the factory method you should get to grips with it.

The Module Pattern

JavaScript modules were introduced in 2009, with the ES5 version of the programming language. Using modules developers were now able to create custom pieces of code and export them to be used in other sections of a JavaScript application.

The Basic Structure of the

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Buy Cream Charger Dispensers & Chargers from Power Whip and Decorate Your Hot Coffee or Chocolate Drink

Many people love coffee and hot chocolate drink. But most of them don’t know that they can make it even more interesting in look as well as in taste, by adding a cream fluff over it. You can also serve your guest with that and they will also like it. But for making a perfect whip cream you don’t need a pipe cone nor will you be able to make a perfect whip at home. For doing that you need a cream charger dispenser and cream chargers of good fruit flavors like that of strawberry, raspberry, fresh mint, blueberry etc. It will help you to get a perfect creamy whip just like a fluff of cloud. 

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43 Cheap Things That Make A Big Impact Around The House

The mere thought of a home makeover can immediately feel intimidating (and pretty overwhelming). However, it turns out that updating your home doesn’t always have to be a large and expensive task. Thanks to all of the cheap things on Amazon that make an impact around the house, you can alter your home’s aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Simple changes like new lighting or curtains will give your space a brand new feeling with little to no effort at all. To make your quest a bit easier, I’ve put together a list of products that’ll help you spruce things up in a flash — and there’s pretty much something here for every room in your home.

Seriously: There are shower heads with built-in LED lights and magnetic toothbrush holders for your bathroom. And I can’t forget about the satin sheets, throw pillow covers, and bedside organizers for your sleeping area,

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What’s Changed-and Stayed the Same

Every time a new U.S. president assumes office and moves into the White House, it’s tradition that he puts his own mark on the decor—particularly in the Oval Office.

In fact, the Oval Office may have undergone more makeovers than just about any other work-from-home space in history. As proof, home maintenance company American Home Shield studied how the design and furnishings here have changed over the past century, and rendered this evolution in nifty 3D diagrams shedding light on each president’s personal tastes.

For a fascinating peek at how Oval Office decor has evolved, check out this timeline, which highlights the biggest, boldest presidential home office design moves from 1909, under William Taft (who’s responsible for this room’s curvy shape), to John F. Kennedy (who hauled in the 1,000-plus-pound Resolute desk) to Joe Biden today.

William Howard Taft, 1909–13

William Howard Taft was the first president to use the
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