Designed by Legendary Architect Raphael Soriano, Gogol House in L.A. Is Listed for $3.5M

One of the few remaining structures designed by the modernist architect Raphael Soriano has hit the market in Southern California for $3,495,000.

Soriano’s Gogol House in Los Angeles was built in 1939 and stood out from the tract homes being built throughout the area.

“This particular home was one of the first modern homes around Los Angeles, and even the neighbors didn’t know what to make of it,” explains the listing agent, Brian Courville. “Obviously, as time goes on, these kind of homes become very appreciated for their uniqueness and architecture and design.”

So it figures the current owner is a designer who purchased the home in 2011. Over the past decade, the home has been meticulously renovated, while keeping Soriano’s original ideas intact.

“It’s special because it has been preserved, restored, and renovated with respect to what my client feels the architect would have appreciated,” Courville says.

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Architect says these are the ‘flying homes’ of the future

The future awaits, and many have wondered what our planet will look like in the years to come.

Architect Chris Lawson might have the answer, at least when it comes to residences. For every environment, CK Architectural envisions the types of futuristic homes we could live in years down the road.

Specifically, Lawson lays out the floor plan for four different types of conditions: life on Mars, a life underwater, a life in the clouds and — gulp — an underground post-apocalyptic future.

With the help of real estate development company GoodMove and a 3-D designer, sketches of the homes created by Lawson have been brought to life. 

Each home is built and designed with materials and shapes to withstand the elements of its environment.

Scroll through to get an inside look into the future. 

Home on Mars

Mars home.
Mars home.

Although the Red Planet is outside of our grasp

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