Many homeowners in Sydney refuse to repair their own roof because roofing is considered one of the most dangerous jobs. According to the statistics, many accidents happen on the job. Many roofers fall, slip, and trip while working. Many factors contribute to these hazards, such as heights, seasonal weather, daily conditions, and slippery surfaces.

Also, not using the proper roofing tools designed for the job can cause accidents. So if you’re planning to fix something on your roof without getting professional help, make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

To give you an idea about it, here are the tools you need for repairing your roof:

Fall Protection

Staying safe should be a priority. Even if you’re climbing in one-story, low-pitched roofs, be sure to wear a lightweight harness that won’t hinder your movement. Also, your protective vest must allow you to carry or strap some of your tools.

Tool Belt

Your protective harness shouldn’t be heavy. Also, it’s not convenient and safe to carry or leave your tools on a roofing surface. That’s why having a carpenter’s nail bags or tool belts is necessary.

The nail bag can give you efficiency, safety, and speed. It can contain a variety of hand tools and a pouch of roofing nails. 

When purchasing a nail bag, it is advisable to pick the one that you can wear on your hips with a hammer loop in the rear. This type of bag can help reduce fatigue. Since roofing involves a lot of bending over, it will be hard to retrieve nails and tools if you’re using bags that sit on your lap.

Basic Roofing Tools

The basic roofing tools are the ones you can usually see on the roofer’s tool bag. To give you an idea about them, here are the basic roofing tools that you need:

  • Roofing hammer – This tool is similar to a regular hammer. However, the other end is a hatchet designed to split shakes or shingles.
  • Roofing knives -This roofing tool is for cutting shingles. But aside from that, you can also use it as a regular utility knife.
  • Steel tape – Any repairman needs this tool. Having a measuring device is necessary for any roofing project.
  • Plumb line and chalk line – Both of these are must-have tools. Along with the tape measure, they can improve the accuracy of roof installation.
  • Air knife – This tool can cut shingles quicker. However, an air knife isn’t a portable tool per se. It requires an air compressor to work.

Repair and Removal Tools

In case you are planning to repair and remove old shingles, you also need the following tools:

  • Pry bar – This tool is a must-have, especially if you are going to pull up roofing materials and remove other objects such as old studs, boards, and structures.
  • Shingle removers – This roofing tool comes in various forms. However, the handheld or push broom versions are the ones that roofers often use.
  • Seam rollers – This roofing tool comes in different sizes. The handheld models are for the little repair jobs. While the long-handled type is for bigger projects.
  • A magnetic sweeper – This tool is useful for cleanup. Its powerful magnets can pick up metal shavings or debris along with any dropped nails.

Final Thoughts

Before you climb up your roof, make sure that you are wearing the right clothes and equipped with the right tools. Doing this doesn’t only help in doing the job quickly. It can also help in ensuring your safety.

But even if you have all the right tools, keep in mind that fixing your roof can still be dangerous. So if the damages on your roof are way beyond your capabilities, get help from a roofing specialist in Sydney, such as one who offers roof repairs Hills District services.