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Hello lovelies!  Like many of you, we have been home A LOT this year so I’ve been making little updates along the way.  Things I always thought about doing, I’ve finally made time to get to.  I had been lusting after this very specific monochrome wall mural for years. Aside from just liking it’s look, it also  reminded me of the “relaxation room” in the Four Seasons in Paris. And you know how I am with travel memories.

Admitedly, I was very reluctant because I am traumatized by my experiences removing wallpaper from other homes.  In particular one room that I had to peel off the wallpaper in one centimeter scraps until my fingers were worn down to nubbins.  Did not want to ever do that again!  But finally I got over my fear and went for it.

The reviews on this paper indicated it would be easy to DIY but because it was a mural as opposed to a repeating pattern, I knew that if I made even one little mistake or tear to this paper, I would have ruined the entire thing so I hired someone to hang it.  I got lucky and found someone great by accident and he did an amazing job (for my local friends, I’m happy to share his info if you need wallpaper hung!).  He also told me that if I ever wanted to remove it, it would be very easy to do without damaging the walls.

Not gonna lie – I absolutely love it!  I know its not for everyone but this is just what this room needed. It just adds so much character and whimsy to this space. I keep walking in here to check it out. Why didn’t I do this years ago? 

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Amping up the drama in the dining room. #wallpaper #homedecor #homeblogger

♬ original sound – Molly Åstradsson

Dining Room Details:
End chairs: Limari
Side Chairs: World Market
Mural: Anthropologie
Magnetic Chalkboard: Versachalk
Drapery: Amazon
Table: Restoration Hardware
Paint color: Benjamin Moore Woodland Snow

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