Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Tub? - Ace Solves It All |

In the world that we are in, stress is just around the corner. We are all faced with heavy workloads, busy schedules, and deadlines. Many people have different ways to relax, and one of them is staying at home with a good bubble bath using bath bombs.

Bath bombs are known to have sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These ingredients are known to give a relaxing sensation, and it also gives you healthy skin. However, bath bombs are known to have negative effects on the drainage system. If you have clogged drains due to your bath bombs, you might need the help of a drain plumber in Canberra.

Thinking of having your next fizzy bubble bath? Think twice because here are the top reasons why bath bombs are considered to be bad for your drains.

1.Bath Bomb Ingredients

Bath bombs are not only made of two ingredients. In most cases, bath bombs have ingredients that include oil, glitter, petals and many more. The components of the bath bombs depend on the kind that you have bought.

Glitter and oil can make the drains clog up because they go down the drain easily. You have to be cautious when you can observe that you have slow-moving drainage after having a bath. There is a big possibility that some of the ingredients are in the drain already. A drain plumber Canberra professional is the best person that can help you with your predicament.

2. Bath Bomb Additives

For the person to have the best relaxing experience, many bath bomb manufacturers have added additives to their products. In most cases, bath bombs have corn starch which hardens as it goes to the drains. Moreover, there are also bath bomb additives that stay in the pipes for a long time and collect hair and other residues.

Can we use bath bombs without clogging the drains?

Relaxation should not be deprived just because bath bombs can clog up your drains. In fact, you can still use bath bombs without worrying about your sink. You may want to consider a bath bomb that does not have a lot of additives. Also, check on a bath bomb product that dissolves easily.

In addition to this, you can also have a fizzy bath with bath bombs, but you need to clean up your tub immediately. You do not need to wait for the ingredients to go down the drain so that you will not have to worry about clogs in the future. You can set up a collection receptacle to collect the ingredients right after your bath. 

What to do when I keep on using bath bombs?

The best thing to do about this is to consult a plumber. You may consider the plumbing inspection service to assess your pipes and drains thoroughly. This inspection can be of help to diagnose if the bath bomb ingredients have really affected the drains. Also, it can give you suggestions as to what you have to do to avoid such problems in the future.


Bath bombs are good for your skin, and it gives you a good form of relaxation. However, bath bombs are considered to be one of the mortal enemies of your drainage system because the ingredients that it has may clog up. 

Are bath bombs bad for your drainage system? Yes, they are especially if they go down the drain. But this doesn’t mean that you should stop using bath bombs. As long as you choose a bath bomb with less harmful ingredients, and if you know how to do the proper upkeep, then using bath bombs will not be a problem.